Beating Those Post Holiday Blues………

Aaahh!! Holidays are great, aren’t they? Taking time out to relax with family….sunset cruising along the river….sampling the local seafood and sugar-coated nuts on offer….laying poolside reading, snacking, snoozing….catching up over a few drinks with friends – and then a few more! Because you never get to do that, right? After leading hectic, busy lives we all need a well-earned rest to relax and recharge…

You’ve taken your gym gear with you and your CrossFit Coach has given you some simple ‘Holiday WODs’ to keep your fitness levels up whilst you’re away….but for one reason or another (usually the fact that you’re actually on HOLIDAYS!) your shoes are yet to be laced and you’ve somehow misplaced that exercise program.


And then….the holiday is over….

You’re back home and you would normally head to the box for a WOD the next day. But you know you’re going to struggle, that it’s not going to be pretty. And so follows the excuses. “I’m still on holiday time.”….”All that seafood and alcohol is still digesting – I’ll just wait til tomorrow.”….”I need to save my energy for work.”



While these are all valid excuses – that ‘s all they are. EXCUSES. Because as much as you try to sugar-coat it…..mmmmm….sugar-coated nuts.  Sorry… As much as you try to sugar-coat it you really don’t have one. An excuse, that is.

There’s really only one solution in returning to CrossFit after being on holiday or any break really.  This will come as an mind blown revelation to many of you, I’m sure, so here it is…………..

Pick up your shoes. Put them on your feet. ONE DAMN SHOE AT A TIME….and tie up those laces. Then go.

Don’t let those excuses rule you. Just go. Once you start, you’re more than halfway there because getting there and starting is 80% the battle. Think of all the positives. You’ll get back into your pre-holiday routine and you’ll actually be pretty proud of yourself. I’m not gonna lie – it will hurt. But you’ve had a good rest and you’ll have renewed energy and motivation to work towards your fitness goals.

Most importantly, your Coaches and Community will be glad you’re back! They can’t wait to hear about the delicious sugary treats and sunset cruises. They’ll comment enviously on your golden tan and your relaxed features. Then they will grunt and sweat and groan their way through the workout with you and you’ll congratulate each other when it’s done. And you’ll know that it was the right decision to put on those shoes and tie up those laces. You’ll know that you’re home!!

Welcome Home!!

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