The Magic of Getting Started!

So your friends are noticing that you seem fitter, happier and healthier over the last few months. “What’s your secret?” they ask. “Have you joined a gym?”

When your answer is “Yes, a CrossFit gym,” the questions come flooding in. “Isn’t that like, really dangerous?” “I heard it was full of wankers who love ripping their shirts off and throwing barbells around.” Then follows – “Is it hard?” “Do you think I’d be able to do it?” and “What’s it like where you go?”

Sometimes it’s hard to put into words exactly what to say to your mates about CrossFit, particularly if they have preconceived ideas about how difficult or dangerous it is. Trying something new can be daunting, but the following points may help you convince your mates that CrossFit is something worth trying.


This is something that actually makes CrossFit more achievable and more sustainable than most training methods. At a grass roots level, there are many CrossFitters who would not call themselves ‘sporty’. Yet they would also tell you that they’ve never felt more like an athlete.  At CrossFit 4504 we offer a comprehensive On Ramp Program that allow new members, particularly those who have never performed any of the movements before to be taught at a pace best suited to them, in a 1:1 setting with a coach. The movements in the On Ramp are designed to be less technical, and are scaled for inclusion as part of the normal workout of the day (WOD).  Read about our specific On Ramp Program here.

So when your friend says “Oh, I’m not co-ordinated enough”, or “I’m not fit enough to do CrossFit”, you can tell them that they don’t need to be. The On Ramp sessions will get them started and scaling options will ensure they progress at a level that both coach and athlete are confident with. Scaling is recommended. Heck, scaling is applauded!! Correct technique and confidence are valued more than anything at a good CrossFit gym.


Now, this is a term that’s thrown around a lot in CrossFit circles and people tend to be a bit confused by it. “Constantly varied?”they ask. “Does that mean it’s just a bunch of random movements thrown together and called a workout?” Well…no. Constantly varied does refer to the changes in WODs, but whether it be long and light, heavy lifting sets or all about strength and speed, a WOD should be anything but random. A good CrossFit Coach will program constant variation throughout the week. But that weekly program forms part of a longer term objective. Coaches have goals for their athletes in progressing not only in weekly phases, but also monthly, quarterly and even yearly.

At CrossFit 4504, Head Coach Lisa takes care of our programming and ensures we have a well rounded mix of elements so that we constantly improve our skills, strength and ability to do more work in less time.  She spends a great deal of time educating the members on where the program is headed and also the intention of each workout, so we know the purpose behind it.

So while you can happily tell your mates that the WODs are ‘constantly varied’, you can also mention that “We are currently in an endurance/strength/intensity phase”, which gives them some idea of the purpose behind the programming. And that random workouts are not just pulled out everyday – although that does happen occasionally!


This has honestly got to be the biggest drawcard for a lot of CrossFitters. The community aspect is something which is spoken about from beginners right up to elite level athletes. It’s a wonderful feeling to have the support of a group who celebrate the highs and lows of sport with you. Your CrossFit community celebrates your every success as if it were there own. Stories emerge daily in CrossFit gyms around the world about people being cheered on by their classmates to finish a WOD. Or of athletes jumping in beside someone so they didn’t have to finish those last few reps alone. Because it’s not just about numbers on a scoreboard or how much you can lift. Sure, those numbers reflect effort and fitness and strength and all those things that you walk into a gym to achieve. But finding a CrossFit gym with a supportive coach and community is so much more rewarding.

So tell your friends not to worry that they might come last in a WOD. Tell them that coming last is where the maigc happens. Tell them that its when you’re fighting for those last few reps and you want to die that you’ll never feel so alive – because you’ll have the support of a community cheering you on.

So spread the CrossFit love! Tell your mates why they should give it a go and take them along to one of your classes and make them part of your CrossFit community.

If are keen to try CrossFit 4504 we’ll give you a free 7 day trial so you can get a taste of our awesome community. We’re a pretty nice bunch of people – come in and say Hi!

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