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Soul Food

With the cold weather setting in, it means that soups and casseroles are making their way onto the weekly family menu. Winter calls for hearty, warm and filling foods, soul foods. Here are some of [...]

Beating the Winter Blues

Winter is here and with it comes cooler weather, darker mornings and warm & tasty comfort foods. Coupled with the self-realisation that half the year has passed and maybe you are not where you wanted [...]

Making it Count

Winning is great if you’re that way inclined. It gives your ego a little stoke. And in the land of CrossFit, a PB for a time or rep-based WOD can definitely be taken as a [...]

Program Update

I've created this blog to help you, our athletes understand where our programming comes from – in order to help everyone understand how our goals for the box are really the same as your personal [...]

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