CrossFit can seem scary & intimidating at first.  You see images all of these super athletes doing insane things and you think to yourself I can’t do that.

You might have friends who CrossFit and they regale you with stories of the hard core craziness they did that day and you look at them and think I can’t do that.

I am here now to show you that YOU CAN do that.  Coach Greg Glassman the creator of CrossFit once famously said of the beginner athlete vs the elite athlete ‘their needs vary by degree not by kind.’  This simple quote elegantly sums up how we all need the same basic movement skills in life but the variance comes by how much we prescribe.

One of the beautiful aspects of CrossFit is it’s universal scaleability, which means we can adjust any workout to suit anyone’s skills or abilities and you will still gain fitness and functional movements as you move towards wellness.

Your workout may look a little different to that of the person next to you, but if I as your coach have done my job well, both of you will be sweaty and have a sense of achievement at the end of the class.

At CrossFit 4504 one of our driving missions is to create a safe, fun, supportive environment for new people to experience the magic of CrossFit. We break down the movements so you are taught properly from day 1, we modify as needed so you have a great experience and aren’t crippled in pain on day 1, and our community respects the effort you show and celebrates your achievements freely. They all remember what it was like to be new and scared, not knowing what to expect.

We have members that range in age from 11-50+, they are all shapes and sizes, all backgrounds, all abilities.  But they all come together for an hour a day to be the best THEY can be, their time to work towards their own goals, but doing as part of the most fun & supportive community.

Our coaches are there to guide, support and most importantly teach you.  We constantly teach and correct good technique to ensure you are always moving safely.  Our classes are like small group PT sessions where you receive lots of focus and attention and aren’t just a faceless number.  That’s the CrossFit 4504 difference

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing information about how YOU CAN do CrossFit and how accessible and easy we make it for you.  We will take the complex and scary & make it fun and achievable.

Remember the first step is the hardest! But YOU CAN do this!!!

Coach Lisa

Coach Bio

Lisa is our Owner and Head Coach. She has been CrossFitting since 2011.  Coming from a non athletic background and with extensive physical limitations she was blown away by the empowerment that CrossFit gave her.  She had never felt so included and welcome in an environment.