Amy is one of our longest serving members and a very valued member of our community.  She brings boundless energy and passion to each class, and her support of her fellow members is outstanding.  She loves nothing more for the music to be pumping and firing herself up into a big WOD.  She’s had some challenges over the last few years with some hip and pelvis issues but has worked so hard on her rehab to now be making some great progress on her way back to full strength.  We are also blessed to have Amy’s daughter teenage Beau join our crew and have the privilege of watching them grow together.

During the Open 17.3 to see her achieve full depth on those snatches was incredible and as her coach I know how hard she fought for every single rep!!!


Amy shared some thoughts recently on her CrossFit story with us;

1. What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

Curiousity to be honest. I had been playing women’s competitive soccer and running for some years and was looking for something new but super challenging to immerse myself in.

2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?

My first impression of Crossfit was, “Oh my goodness what have I got myself into?”. Now I can confidently say I am not apprehensive, I do not question myself or my ability. What has changed for me is that I have developed a strong sense of self and a fearless attitude.  I embrace what is thrown before me and endeavour to conquer it with all my might.

3. What was your first highlight?

My first highlight was doing my first official box jump. Propelling my body and landing on the box made me feel amazing. Once I did my first box jump I was hooked.

4. What are you working towards now?

Currently I am working on getting my strength and fitness back after meeting a few obstacles over the past few years. Most importantly I am trying my best to be an excellent role model for my daughter so that when she is in her 50’s she too can be strong and continue to set achievable goals.

5. What’s your favourite CrossFit 4504 moment so far?

My favourite CrossFit 4504 moment was when teenage daughter decided to join the box and we did our first WOD together. It was awesome to be part of a mother and daughter duo.

Beau in Action

Amy is a shining example of how anyone can not only participate but achieve in CrossFit, YOU CAN too!!  Get Started Today!!