Jess has been with us for just over a year now and her progress has been phenomenal.  Jess has embraced all CrossFit 4504 has to offer and is an amazing member of our community, at our Christmas Party she was awarded our annual Spirit of CrossFit award for community spirit.  Last year she did her first Games Day and recently completed in her first CrossFit Open performing very well.  We asked her a little about her CrossFit adventures and here is her story.

1. What brought you to CrossFit in the first place? 

With having 3 boys actively playing sport throughout their childhood, fitness has always played a huge part in our lifestyle. After giving up cigarettes over 13 years ago, and not getting any younger I knew that I really needed to be a little more serious when it came to looking after myself. I have been a member of different gyms over the years and hell even worked at one but soon lost interest. In 2015 I enrolled in a local boot camp and remained there for 8 months however due to work commitments and very limited classes available this was very short lived. I knew that I needed to find something else that would interest me….I was introduced to CrossFit in March 2016 along with my youngest son and have never looked back!

2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?

I am not afraid of hard work, but to say I wasn’t nervous would be a lie. The fear of the unknown, the new environment, complete strangers, the fear of failure and really stepping out of your comfort zone were all too real in my mind. The uncertainty was gone almost instantly as we were greeted with a warm welcome right from the start. The encouragement from Lisa and the existing members made me feel a part of the CrossFit family from day one. My love for CrossFit was born!!

3. What was your first highlight?

I would have to say having the opportunity to do CrossFit with my youngest son would be right up there amongst the constant highlights, however if I had to pick something I would say competing in the CrossFit 4504 Game on Games Day in 2016. Although I was extremely nervous as I had only been doing CrossFit for 2 months, to be able to walk away and say that I had done it and survived without any judgement passed was a great feeling!

4. What are you working towards now?

Each day all I ask for is to be a stronger and better me!

5. What’s your favourite CrossFit 4504 moment so far?

There are to many too mention….the amazing coaches, to the awesome WOD buddies to the constant encouragement and team comradery and the sense of belonging. Thank you for letting us into your world!

We love having you as part of our team Jess and can’t wait to see you continue to improve and grow!  Jess’s story is a great example that anyone CAN do CrossFit despite the fear and nerves, with our support and awesome community you will love it!!  Register here to try your first class!!