Not all affiliates are the same. There can be vast differences in each box. When choosing an affiliate you need to look at all aspects from the culture of the community, to the programming and the coaches to see what suits your needs.
Look around and see what the class sizes are? Is everyone packed in like sardines? Does the coach know you’re even there some classes? Do you receive specific one on one cues doing a class? Is the community warm and inclusive? Is image more important than function? Are you taught how to move your body effectively and warmed up before each class?  Does anyone notice when you don’t show up?

At CrossFit 4504 we are a dedicated CrossFit box committed to the founding principles of CrossFit. Everything we teach comes back to those principles.

We offer over 38 classes each week in our timetable to give you ample opportunity to get your sessions in. Each session runs for an hour and is fully coached meaning we guide you through a warm up, we teach the movements for that day, we coach you through the workout and then take you through stretching and mobility at the end of the session. You aren’t simply left to your own devices to try and figure out what you should be doing.

The focus of our coaches is optimal movement and we encourage our team to perfect their technique before adding load or intensity. Our programming is carefully structured to help you get the most from each session and to make continual safe progress.  Our members continue to grow stronger each session and increase their work capacity and have a heap of fun doing it!!

We offer levels of programming within each class to suit all levels from elite to beginner and everyone in-between. Our classes are fun & challenging and most importantly safe. We don’t overcrowd the classes and cap numbers to ensure all members receive personal coaching each session.  Whether you are our newest member or most experienced you still receive the same care and attention every single class.

If you aren’t in classes you can be sure you are missed and that our Head Coach Lisa will check in with you to see how you are and what we can do to help you.  Every member is a valued part of our community.  We want you here and training not just paying for space you don’t use.  We are engaged and invested in your progress and no goal big or small is unimportant.

Our community is thriving and supportive and each member is accepted and welcomed. Everyone receives the same attention regardless of their ability. It’s a place when you can pursue your goals and be encouraged and supported every step of the way.  There are no big egos, just everyday people trying to be the best they can.  No one cares what size you are, what you wear or whether you come first last or somewhere in-between in a WOD.  All that matters is you gave it your all and your fellow crew have so much respect for effort.

So come and try the CrossFit 4504 difference today. Our focus is you and helping you achieve a full healthy functional life.