Have you ever tried a gym that sounds perfect online, only to discover that it’s not the all inclusive experience you were after?

Does every session you attend finish with a quick “Well done, see you next week”, slash tomorrow, slash next time you want to hand over some more $$ for a semi-satisfying sweat with no real concern over how you actually FEEL? No concern with improving your technique? No concern with strategies on becoming more mobile, or helping you get more for your hard-earned dollar?  Or how about banking on the that most of their members won’t turn up anyway but they’ve got you locked into a complicated contract?

Do you find yourself wondering why you bothered to drag your sorry ass to a less than memorable session after a long day, when 3 beers (or insert favourite beverage here) and Netflix would have reduced your stress levels more effectively?

If your answer was YES to any of the above, read on to hear about our philosophy at CrossFit 4504…..

Our passion is your overall WELLBEING…


Because we want you to set goals, to push your current physical limits and make gains. But more importantly, we want to help you set strategies to achieve those goals, so that you are in control of your achievements, and your confidence grows more than your muscles. We want you to smile more, and be more confident in your daily life, we want you to have fun achieving those goals.

Kelsie working towards her goals

Because our focus is NOT to have you ‘bikini’ or ‘budgie smuggler’ ready for Summer! Our focus is to help you feel good about YOU- no matter what you look like. And we know and understand that feeling cool about you is established in your head, not your booty!

And because we genuinely care about wanting you to reach your full potential – physically and mentally. To be the best bloody version of you there is!!

We want you to work hard, but not to the point where your technique collapses. This leads to injury, which is what we don’t want. The RELATIONSHIPS we create with our members are so important to us and our programming is balanced to ensure your longevity.

Tara in action

Our amazing coaches are available before, during and after class to help you achieve success. In person, online, on the phone – we want you to realise that we are committed to your success. And we know that SUCCESS is defined differently for each and every member in our wonderful community.

Coach Lisa giving Lance a well done

Sounds like something you are looking for? A holistic, no BS gym that will not only help you RESET your focus, but ACHIEVE your potential? Then give us a call. Send us a message. Let us get you started at CrossFit 4504 and prove to you how awesome you really are.

For a limited time we are offering a Complimentary 7 Day Trial so you can experience fully who we are and what we do.  Get in touch to get started.