2018 CrossFit Open…..One and Done!

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2018 CrossFit Open…..One and Done!

The 2018 CrossFit Open is……(insert Dave Castro-like annoyingly long pause)….over!

PHEW!!! A collective sigh of relief and accomplishment can be heard around the planet as all participants finally relax. The past 5 weeks has been an intense test of ability and character. And while we’re all glad to be rid of the gnawing anxiety felt before each WOD, the CrossFit 4504 community has had a rocking good time during this year’s CrossFit Open. We’re so proud of everyone’s efforts and participation. Here are some of our highlights –

Strength comes in many forms and we’ve seen all versions from our members during the Open WODs this year. Brute strength was shown in 18.2a when finding a 1RM Clean after our legs had already been destroyed in 18.2 and again in 18.4 with heavier Deadlifts coming after a 21-15-9 round of Deads and HSPU/Hand Release Push-ups.

We also saw strength in movement from our members who pushed their bodies to achieve the standards set in the Open. Whether it was squatting to depth, smashing out burpees over the bar, pumping out HSPU or straining for pull-ups, many of our members discovered new strength in movements they had only dreamt of achieving.

Most importantly, we saw strength of character. Mental strength is one of the most valued CrossFit elements and our members continually shone with Grit, Integrity and Determination throughout the CrossFit Open. They were able to push themselves to new limits and higher standards because of their self-belief and determination to get the work done.

Now, you wouldn’t expect weaknesses to appear in a highlights reel, would you? But that’s the funny thing about the CrossFit Open. While you’re busy celebrating milestones and the levels you were able to reach, you’re often left scratching your head over the things you still struggle with or are yet to master.
The CrossFit 4504 members have personally identified areas that they felt may have let them down during the Open WODs. Guaranteed. Which is awesome!! It might be the speed of a movement or a strength element they feel they need to work on. Whatever it is, it’s actually exciting to hear them talking about it.

Because it means they WANT to improve. They WANT to set goals and work toward becoming tougher, stronger and faster. The weaknesses of this year can be the milestones of next year and that’s why identified weaknesses will always be a highlight for us.

Bingo? In the CrossFit Open? WTF???

Haha, yep – Bingo! Such a fun distraction to the crap-your-daks nervous feelings during the Open. Complete a challenge as set on the Bingo card and our members received a sticker for that challenge. Fill in a row of stickers and – Bingo! – Members had an entry in the draw to win a pair of Reebok Nanos donated by Head Coach Lisa . Completing more than one row gave them more than one entry. And they were fun little challenges like building a human pyramid, or 50cal on the Air Bike. Crazy dress-ups, social media check-ins and selfies…selfies galore! Coach Lance, in particular, LOVED being part of that!!!

In House Teams
Of course our box as a whole was entered as a team for those officially in the Open. But CrossFit 4504 also had athletes who wanted to complete Open WODs without officially entering. We had new athletes and some returning from injury, who wanted to participate but who occasionally needed to scale the scaled option. Rather than cast them aside every weekend for 5 weeks, we wanted all members to feel included. This is where our Teams concept came from. 4 teams with members of all ages and abilities were formed, with Team Captains leading the way. We had ‘WOD Up 4504’, ‘WOD Have I Gotten Myself Into’, Team Dottir’ and ‘CrossFit Clowns’.

Every member who participated, judged or cheered scored points for their team in a fun and totally non-competitive environment. Everyone felt involved and the team atmosphere took pressure off individual athletes to make the CrossFit Open experience one of good times and support. Definitely a highlight.

By far the Most Outstanding Highlight of the 2018 CrossFit Open for CrossFit 4504?

Community Spirit
Honestly, this gets us in the feels a lot lately! Over the past 12 months in particular, CrossFit 4504 has built up an amazing level of spirit. And during the Open these levels have exploded!

To experience every person in the box cheering for each athlete as they strained for another pull-up, complete another burpee or lift that heavy clean in time was electric! The energy in those shouts and cheers helped our athletes achieve new heights. Families with children screaming excitedly for their mums or dads to keep going filled us all with pride. The support shown by everyone – for everyone – is one of the qualities we value most about CrossFit 4504. Dancing, laughing, supporting each other through the frustration, hard-work and exhilaration of the CrossFit Open proves to us beyond a doubt that our members are amazing, they breed community spirit. And you can’t fake that shit – it’s either there or it isn’t. CrossFit 4504 has a terrific community, which we are all so grateful for.

Well, there you have it. A small highlights package of the 2018 CrossFit Open as experienced by CrossFit 4504. We hope that everyone’s experiences have been as positive and exhilarating as those of the CrossFit 4504 community.

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