Achieve greatness

We all aim for greatness in our own way. We each have a unique starting point and a unique path. The team at CrossFit 4504  are here to meet you where you are right now and to help you progress to where you want to be.

Our approach is holistic. It’s not just about sweating it out in the gym.  We see you as a whole person and provide the space for you to develop physically, emotionally & socially. We want you to thrive. We want to see you achieve things you once only dreamt about. We want to see you be confident, happy and well.


Everyone has a need to belong. At CrossFit 4504, you are part of a community not just a member of a gym. You are more than a number. More than an anonymous face in the crowd. You will belong.

Here you will form lifelong friendships and bonds.  You’ll be part of our family. A family who encourage and inspire each other to do more and be more. 

Here you will find your true self. You’ll learn, adapt, overcome, and accomplish your own greatness. And you’ll laugh and have fun along the way.

CrossFit 4504 - Happy Group Fitness
CrossFit 4504 - Barbell Training


CrossFit 4504 - Gym Training
CrossFit 4504 - Fitness Class

Learn new things

Think of our coaches as guides. Your sherpas perhaps. Each is here to help you navigate your own health & wellness journey. They are committed to helping you build the skills and knowledge to continue progressing toward your goals. They are invested in you, they see & hear you as an individual, and recognise your needs.

Feel free to be yourself

We celebrate individuals. We want to hear your story, and encourage your unique journey. We don’t care if you have tattoos, or pink hair, or identify as non-binary. We care about you and you path toward self-betterment.

Our promise to you…

  • You’ll never be a number here

  • You’ll always be supported

  • You will get results

  • We will help you become extraordinary

  • You’ll find the path to your best life


CrossFit 4504 - Gym Training
CrossFit 4504 - Fitness Class

Never be bored again

Bored at the gym? No more. At CrossFit 4504 you’ll actually WANT to come and train. Every piece of equipment serves one specific purpose … to improve your total fitness.

We have Olympic lifting equipment (lots of barbells and heaps of plates), lifting platforms, rigs, Strongman gear (atlas stones, yokes), dumbbells, kettlebells, climbing pegboard, and great conditioning equipment like Rowers & Assault Bikes.

More than training

Of course, we’re not just about training hard. Before or after your workout you’ll be able to chill out in our member reception area, purchase a protein bar or ice cold FitAID, or browse our fully stocked Pro Shop. Find out more about our member benefits.

Our promise to you…

  • You’ll never be a number here

  • You’ll always be supported

  • You will get results

  • We will help you become extraordinary



CrossFit isn’t just a job to our coaches – it’s a way of life!

Our coaches are CrossFit Level 2 & Level 1 certified and committed to their ongoing professional development. But perhaps more importantly than our qualifications and many years of experience, is the fact that we’re 100% invested in YOUR success.

Lisa Heatherington
Lisa HeatheringtonOwner & Head Coach
I know from personal experience that everyone’s journey to CrossFit is unique, and the path to fitness and health is not always easy.

More about Lisa >>

Lance Alderton
Lance AldertonSenior Coach
My passion for becoming a CrossFit Coach was driven by a desire to help people move better and lead lives that are full and active.

More about Lance >>

I accidentally discovered CrossFit in 2013 when I wanted to focus on my health a little more instead of my career.

More about Annie >>/coach-annie/

I started Crossfit 5 years ago and love how it constantly challenges me. It has enabled me to do things that I never thought I could possibly achieve.

More about Toni >>

Engaging in the Crossfit methodology can be the best prescription to avoid chronic disease, with physical and mental health and wellness a side benefit on the journey.

More about Larry >>


Crossfit 4540 has such a welcoming and friendly environment. Whenever I step foot into a new gym I’m usually quite intimidated by everyone and always feel like a number. At crossfit 4504 Lisa and the other coaches make you feel so welcomed and make you feel at home! They are excellent at what they do! And don’t get me started on the members. They are such an amazing bunch of people who will welcome you in with open arms.


Great place to train, was apprehensive to give it a go at first but when I met head coach Lisa she was down to earth with no bullshit and that’s the way the whole place feels. Everyone is welcoming and encouraging (but not over the top). It’s certainly not easy but that’s what makes it good cause everyone is hurting just the same.  I would definitely recommend anyone thinking of CrossFit to come down to CF4504.


After owning and then selling my own affiliate I struggled to find another box to call home. I tried other gyms, F45, training from home and even other CrossFit’s, but just couldn’t find a good fit.  I’m so glad I decided to try 4504, Such an amazing supportive community and the coaching is second to none.  There is no one I trust more to get my Crossfit journey back on track. I cannot thank you enough Lisa and would highly recommend anyone to give it a go.  More than anything training is fun again!!!


Fantastic culture and environment, a bunch of great people that always focus on safety first. I’ve seen a bunch of improvements in my 6 months here. Keep up the great work team!

Craig S

I was a little anxious about starting my CrossFit journey, however I need not have worried. Lisa from first contact was friendly, informative and welcoming which made me feel comfortable with my decision to give CF a go.

Lance mirrored Lisa’s welcome and again I was made to feel very at ease. During the session Lance took care to check I understood the exercise and ensured my technique was correct. His instructions and guidance put me at ease overtaking the newbie angst and fear!

The sense of relaxation throughout my journey only heightened the positive experience, energy and vibe of CF. Will I go back, too right! CrossFit 4504 thumbs up for excellence & professionalism.


Crossfit boxes are unique, just like you, so you have to try to buy.

I’ve been here nearly 2 years now. With CF4504 you’ll get personalised coaching. You’ll also get a great program which is spelled out for you each day, as well as attention to detail coaching, with the cap on classes at 10. NO BIG classes here where you have no idea what you’re doing and feel like a number OR risk of injury. No one wants that!

Besides quality coaching, you get a fantastic community of real supporters, who without you even really realising will become friends, just like they have for me. Varied ages too, to make sure you don’t feel alone in whatever life journey you are on.


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