Why We Aren’t the CrossFit Games….and why WE ARE!!

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Why We Aren’t the CrossFit Games….and why WE ARE!!

At the moment there is a lot of excitement because the quest to crown the Fittest on Earth has just begun for 2018 with the CrossFit Games underway in Madison, USA.

These events are the pinnicle of CrossFit the sport and showcase the incredible abilities of our finest athletes.

Tia Clair Toomy & Mat Fraser are fighting this weekend to retain their titles of Fittest on Earth

But to those of you who have yet to try CrossFit it can seem kinda overwhelming and intimidating right?  Seeing these sculpted athletes performing super human feats can let you think well that’s not for me.  I can’t do that.  We get it and we know how it feels.

However when you peek behind the curtain of our affiliate you can see we are very different to the sport of CrossFit.  We train our athletes in the CrossFit methodology, but just for 1 hour a day, in a balanced program that will help them achieve well rounded fitness and wellness.  Sure our workouts look similar but everything is scaled to suit every single athlete. CrossFit the Sport is different is some ways to CrossFit the training methodology.

There are though, many aspects where we ARE the CrossFit Games, and those are what we are so proud of and set us apart from a globo gym.  At the Games there are thousands of fans willing the athletes on to new heights of achievement.  The athletes themselves will themselves for just one more rep, to push harder and do more than they have before.

In our affiliate, far away from the lights of the Coliseum in Madison this weekend we are filled with athletes striving to be their best, striving for that first pull up, to run 200m without walking, to do a push up on their toes.  And right behind them are our coaches and community cheering them on and willing their progress.

This weekend at the CrossFit Games a female athlete, Cassidy Lance-McWhirter was finishing an event, her placing was finalised whether she made the lift or not.  She was almost at the time cap and was pretty much done after failing a lift a couple of times.  The other athletes, her competitors urged her, on the greatest platform we have, to try, to try again, not for them but for herself, for all she has worked for. They stood as one and cheered her, as did the crowd.  She took a breath and fuelled with the belief and energy of those around her she made the lift.


In our little affiliate we see the same support every day, the coaches won’t let you quit on yourself and your fellow athletes won’t let you quit.  The encouragement is always to do one more try, to focus your energy, and when you don’t believe borrow some of ours.

Oh and one more thing we share with the CrossFit Games……..we are filled with athletes.  Athletes of all shapes and sizes, abilities and goals.  But athletes nonetheless.  We celebrate their success and we pick each other up when we fall.

So yes we aren’t the CrossFit Games, but in many positive achievable ways we are and we love it.



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