Beating the Winter Blues

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Beating the Winter Blues

Winter is here and with it comes cooler weather, darker mornings and warm & tasty comfort foods. Coupled with the self-realisation that half the year has passed and maybe you are not where you wanted to be, or even just where you think you should be, this can sometimes mean that motivation tends to drop off in winter.  Even though we are lucky here in Queensland to have a relatively mild winter we still have those really cold days where everything would seem easier from inside a doona!!

But winter is going to keep coming every year, and being healthy, fit and happy isn’t seasonal. It is a constant and ongoing process, regardless of the season.  The keys to achieving long term wellness is learning to work within the seasons we have and having a solid consistent routine.

So, if the cooler weather has you feeling a bit blue, here are some tips to get you back on track.

Tune your alarm  

If you’re an early riser, change the tune on your alarm. Nobody wants to get out of bed in the dark and cold so a monotonous beeping tone! On the other hand, it is much harder to roll over if your favourite song or upbeat tune is pumping!  And once your alarm is gone you will find it easier to get up and going if you have already laid out your training gear the night before, so no thinking about what to wear or searching for that missing sock, just jump up and go!

Get some new gear

Reward your efforts for braving the cold with some new gear! A new hoodie or beanie serves a practical purpose but will also help boost your mood and have you looking the part!  We all love the feeling of some new gear and this can give you added motivation to jump into a class so you get to use that new kit and look great while you do it.

Train for an Event

After winter comes spring. And spring brings with it an array of fun runs, marathons and obstacle races and events. Buy a ticket to an event and keep your winter training in check with your upcoming event in mind!  An added bonus is the plethora of events that even happen during winter so there are small things to achieve along the way which will help keep you firing along.

See the big picture

Winter is 3 months of the year, (or if you live in Queensland about 2 really cold weeks). That’s it. 12 weeks roughly. It won’t last forever. Keep going.

Remember your WHY

Winter is the perfect time to take a moment to check in on your goals and remind yourself why you train. Is it for general health and fitness? To improve your quality of life? Be an active parent? Time for yourself? Whatever the reason, and however it correlates to your goals, remember that. Write it down if need be and put it somewhere you will see it every day!

One of the big reasons our that, even in winter our early morning classes here at CrossFit 4504, are still full of smiling happy faces is the Community.  Surrounding you with amazing likeminded people, great coaches and knowing you will have an awesome class makes it so much easier to get yourself moving.  When you know your gym buddies and coaches are waiting for you each day you have that little extra push to get up and head to the gym.  You never feel as if you are battling through all alone.

If you want some help to beat the winter blues, and get into a new routine, contact us today!

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