About Larry

CrossFit 4504 Coach Larry - Narangba Gym

Hi, my name is Larry, (Lazza). I am excited to have found an inclusive and useful fitness program that really can be suited to everyone.

Despite being very active in a younger life, age and my working life had caught up. Finding myself regularly ill, in constant pain and unable to walk around my property, then stepping up into 3xl clothes, I needed to find some help to be a better version of me.. My first step was to get off the 6-7lts of Coke a day. Amazingly, like fate, that same day I made the decision to go cold turkey, a Facebook popup prompted me to act further. It was a Crossfit 4504, 6 week challenge, everyone in the photos of CF4504 looked like normal everyday people just trying to make themselves better.

So I started my CrossFit challenge on the 8th of January 2018 and haven’t looked back since. There was an amazing comfortable feeling in the gym and there was an amazing Feeling of community and support. Everyone was so friendly. I have made a bunch of new friends, and even though I couldn’t finish the warmups let alone the workouts, the crew cheered me on and that helped me keep coming.

It is really important to me now, to be there and being able to cheer on and support all members as they come in to do their workouts, especially the new and nervous.

I had found a way to make a better me, and help the rest of my family be better also. I found the how to my why.

One of the most interesting aspects, and what I really enjoy, is the always varying workouts, the functional movements that are just like things we do at home or in sports and the intensity that I can bring to my workouts. Now I don’t drink any coke ever and am down to XL sized clothes. Most importantly, there is no back or leg pain anymore.

Through my initial research and throughout the 1st year of my Crossfit journey, I have found that engaging in the Crossfit methodology to exercise and nutrition can be the best prescription to avoid chronic disease, with physical and mental health and wellness a side benefit on the journey to being more fit. It was also very important that we were trained and instructed to do the movements and lifting correctly.

When the opportunity came up to join the CF4504 Coaching Development program, I jumped at it. I wanted to help others, find that same feeling that I found back in January. Now I get to enjoy both working out and coaching, helping others through their workouts to improve themselves. All the while dispelling the myths that Crossfit is for elite athletes only.

Although I am relatively new, we are well trained and don’t stop learning with continual education opportunities.

I am passionate about what we do, and with the support of our senior coaches am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and ability, so that you get the best coaching and attention we can give you every class.


  • CrossFit level 1 trainer
  • 2019 CrossFit Judge course
CrossFit 4504 Coach Larry - Narangba Fitness Centre