CrossFit for Teens

CrossFit is a training methodology and sport for all ages and abilities. With an oft repeated mantra of ‘infinitely scalable’, here at CrossFit 4504 we’ve seen many people of all fitness levels achieve milestones they’ve never imagined. This applies not only to our adult members but to the rapidly developing teenage divisions of CrossFit.

Teenagers undergo massive changes during that awkward phase between childhood and ‘adulting’ and with growing bodies and changing hormones, a teenager’s CrossFit training needs to be altered constantly to allow for these changes to occur without added pain or incorrect training methods. Hugely beneficial to teens for a number of reasons, we at CrossFit 4504 know the importance of not only involving our teens in the community but understanding the changes they face both mentally and physically. That’s why we have coaches who have been trained and certified specifically to ensure all of our CrossFit teens and kids are trained safely in accordance with their growing bodies.

There are many reasons to try CrossFit training as a teenager and we have listed some of them in this blog –

  1. To Assist Other Sports

Want to build power in your legs to help you bust through those rugby tackles? How about shoulder strength to be able to pass flatter, harder, further in your netball game? Try CrossFit!

What about the value of core strength? Which muscles will help you run faster or jump higher? How can you work on your endurance? Your mobility? Your agility? Try CrossFit!

CrossFit will not only make you stronger, fitter, faster through its constantly varied workouts, but at CrossFit 4504 you will also learn how to use that strength in conjunction with other sports. You’ll learn which muscles should be engaged during each WOD, each movement phase and why maintaining good technique is vital to longevity in any sport. Our teens have improved dramatically during their time with us and those who use CrossFit to compliment other sporting pursuits love the edge it has given their performance.

  1. Stay In Shape

We all know that teenagers change – a lot! Both physically and mentally it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of everything as a teen and the last thing they often feel like doing is exercise. However, as weird as it sounds, exercise will actually give you energy. The endorphins released during and after vigorous exercise (and trust us when we say CrossFit is vigorous!) boost not only energy levels but metabolism too. And because every day in the CrossFit 4504 box is different, your teen won’t get bored – which is a teenagers prerogative!

Don’t be bored. Be excited. Be invigorated. Be a CrossFit Badass!

  1. Emotional Release

The mind of a teenager is filled with many changing thoughts and feelings – which in turn brings many differing reactions!! Happy one minute (like when their current crush actually makes eye contact and smiles before a Biology test) and depressed the next (like when they can remember every lyric to Post Malone’s new song, but not one single fact that they’d studied for during said Biology test!) Every high and low in a teenager’s life is felt. By all.

Which is normal. But having an external release can help immeasurably during that time. Belting out a teenager’s favourite playlist while they belt out a CrossFit WOD is amazingly good for the soul. CrossFit also helps our teens realise that a bad day doesn’t define you as a person and it is way more satisfying taking out frustration, anger and disappointment on a barbell rather than those who love and support you.

CrossFit 4504 provides the perfect environment to release the tension of the day and our teens know that they can let go of life’s pressures while learning control, technique and strength.

  1. Build Resilience and Confidence

CrossFit is an amazing sport to assist development in these essential qualities. Completing WODs alongside other teens and adults can be a huge confidence lifter. Even our most timid CrossFit teens have emerged from their shells with the guidance of our coaches and support from fellow members. They learn that it is more than ok to scale a WOD. That it’s not failure. That even though they didn’t quite complete a movement with correct technique or heavy load this time, they still made improvements from last time. Each CrossFit movement is a skill to be mastered and every single person busting their butts in class has something they continue to work on. Our CrossFit 4504 teens can see how resilience will lead to excellence. How it will assist them in controlling their inner turmoil. How building that resilience will give them confidence and teach them that it’s ok not to be perfect. And how proud it makes the CrossFit 4504 coaches and community to see our teens applying themselves in ways which will assuredly make a positive impact in their transition into adulthood.

  1. Build Relationships

Solid relationships are one of the most important things in a teenager’s life. To experience feelings of friendship and support is massive for all of us, but teens seem to crave it even more. CrossFit 4504 is undoubtedly one of the most inclusive and supportive boxes to train in. Nobody is ever made fun of for scaling and it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to finish a WOD, you will be cheered by every classmate. We all know how tough CrossFit can be and every member of CrossFit 4504 appreciates and congratulates effort. Our teens have created amazing bonds with other teens and our adult members too. They have people in each class who they consider mentors and our adult members love sharing smiles of relief and satisfaction with our teens post WOD. We also have quite a few families who have joined us at CrossFit 4504. It’s inspiring to see Mums and Dads sweating it out alongside their kids, building respect from all sides. They then head home to rehash the WOD each day, congratulate each other and cement that family bond which is so important to all children.

Well there you have it! Just a handful of the many reasons to get your teenager into CrossFit today. Yes, it can be challenging, but the rewards extend beyond physical benefits. CrossFit is a sport which can not only assist our teens with improvement in strength and co-ordination, but also help them build self-control, determination and confidence – providing them with qualities in becoming the happy, respected and self-assured adults we hope them to be.

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