About Damon Bray

CrossFit 4504 Coach Damon Bray - Narangba Fitness Centre

I strongly believe that for the majority of the population using CrossFit as a training methodology is beneficial to both their mental and physical health. For the vast majority of people CrossFit is not about being claimed the fittest on earth or making yourself throw up after every session. It’s about being a part of a community that comes together to have fun and get a bit fitter every day.

My strong belief in community stems from having grown up in remote towns with no gyms and barely anything that resembles technology, finding myself involved in multiple sports such as basketball, rugby union, soccer, athletics and touch football. I was lucky enough to be offered a sports scholarship to an American University for soccer in 2011, however opting to stay in Australia and attend university I found myself gravitating towards CrossFit.

I have completed my Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science with a minor in Sports Coaching and Performance Enhancement at the University of the Sunshine Coast, while working with Regional/Games CrossFit athletes and coaches as well as a national and international level Football Club, Brisbane Roar FC. While I have absorbed as much information as possible from these areas I recognise there is still a wealth of knowledge for me to dive into and I continue research and expand my arsenal of skills, tools and techniques to apply to a range of clients with a vast array of abilities. Most days you’ll find me in the gym working on my own athletic capacity and refining my technique of basic and complex movements or having a feast in the nearest café/restaurant.

As a certified Level One CrossFit Trainer with a Level One in Strength and Conditioning from the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA), I aim to remove the socially accepted norms of destructive body image, disease and illness and replace them with the gift of pain free movement, improved confidence and quality of living.

This passion combined with my growing wealth of knowledge and multidisciplinary approach means I know what works when it comes to dropping unwanted weight. Through this I can ensure that my clients will get the best out of themselves and achieve their goals. I look forward to meeting you and guiding along your path to a happier, healthier and fitter you.

CrossFit 4504 Coach Damon Bray - Narangba Fitness Centre