Find Your Tribe. Love Them Hard.

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Find Your Tribe. Love Them Hard.

We all know that maintaining the motivation to exercise can be difficult. You turn up to the gym or go for a run but find that your workout can lack purpose, variety or even fun! Consequently you end up spending more time posting a selfie to prove you were there than actually working out. Don’t feel bad if this sounds like you. Because, at some point – it sounds like all of us. We have a solution for your lack of motivation and have discovered a way for the energy to return.

Find Your Tribe. Find Your People.

Sounds simple right? Well it can be and it can’t be. Us humans are complicated creatures, particularly where our emotions get involved. So for us, finding people who are like-minded in exercise motivation can be difficult, depending on where we’re at. CrossFit is no different. We have a range of diversely different people here at CrossFit 4504 and have found we all have one thing in common. We are family. We are a community. It’s a proven fact that two-thirds of people will work out harder and longer if they train with others. If you can find people as supportive as the members of CrossFit 4504 – stick with them!

At some point, our members have or will lose their way and find it hard to regularly attend classes. Being part of such a supportive community has made it easier for them to combat the following, rather than trying to go it alone…

Knowing Tomorrow’s WOD – and Dreading IT!!

CrossFit 4504 is a box which posts the following day’s WOD into our ZenPlanner App. This is ideally so that our members know what equipment they will need to bring with them to class or to work out lifting percentages. But reading the WOD can actually cause a touch of anxiety for some. Everyone has that movement or WOD that they dislike. INTENSELY. Like running. Or Overhead Squats. Maybe it’s 14.5  (21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of Thrusters and Barbell Burpees, for time). Basically movements that, if you were training alone you, a) probably wouldn’t even do, or b) if you did do them, it would be so half-arsed you may as well not have bothered.

Finding a group of people who make ‘suffering’ through a tough WOD worthwhile, can be instrumental in whether or not you show up to class and put in the effort. Because if there’s one thing we know is that Effort = Results/A Sense of Achievement.

You might need to find people who hate said movement just as much as you or who will be scaling or lifting something similar to you. Then you’ll know that even though you’ll both be grumbling about the WOD together, you’ll also get the WOD done. Together.

Or you could find someone who is just that little bit better than you at the WOD and you enjoy the challenge of sticking with them for as long as possible. This offers you a focus to try and lift to their level instead of focussing on how much the WOD sucks.

Maybe you really like the attitude of some of your fellow members and their outlook is infectious and makes your day just a bit brighter and easier to tough it out through those last few dying reps.

We have an amazing tribe here at CrossFit 4504 with a diverse range of fitness levels and personalities. Almost everyone finds at least a couple of people that they click with during a WOD. So there’s no need to pick those cherries – just haul your ass to class and we’ll get you through those WODs you dislike. INTENSELY. You may even realise that ‘Hey! That wasn’t so bad after all.’ And maybe you won’t complain next time your most intensely disliked movement comes up in a WOD.

Ok…that might be wishful thinking! So complain if you must, but turn up and complain with the rest of your people.

External Factors – the Stresses of Life

Life can be full of highs and lows. Ups and downs. Roses and thorns. But you know what? The shitty times only make you stronger. You need to suffer through the stench of manure to grow more beautiful roses. There are times when things just keep piling up. Like when your kids have been sick for the past week and you’ve had next to no sleep in between cleaning up vomit or snot or cooling a fever that makes them delirious and you delirious with concern. Or you’ve just come off a week of night shifts at work and your body clock has lost all synchronicity. Maybe someone you love has a terminal illness, or your car needs a major repair job or you won’t be with your family this Christmas.


So many stresses affect us all, which is why time for yourself is so important. Whether it’s catching up with friends or working up a sweat, find an activity (or several) that will counterbalance the stresses in your life. We find that our members come to CrossFit 4504 not only to train hard, but to laugh hard. They enjoy the time they spend in our CrossFit community because it gives them a chance to let go of the pressures they carry around. We have a very holistic approach to our members’ fitness. It’s not just how much you can lift, or how fast you finish a WOD. It’s about giving to each other and to ourselves and expressing gratitude for what we DO have in our lives. Health and well-being is more than becoming physically fit and we strive to create a balance so that our members feel good about themselves and are able to cope better with any pressures and stresses they may be experiencing.

Lack of Direction – Losing Your Way

Why was I training again? I’m never going to achieve the results that Gerry does. Who the fuck is Gerry anyway? I don’t know, but I do know that Gerry isn’t you! (Unless, of course, you are reading this and your name happens to be Gerry – then I apologise.)

Sometimes we lose our way or we become despondant with lagging results. This is totally normal. Your gains will plateau after a while and motivation and direction will rise and fall. This is when we can fall into that trap of constantly comparing ourselves to Gerry, or where we are in relation to others. But that’s not how it works. It’s fantastic to surround yourself with other people striving to achieve their goals – recommended even. But don’t make their goals your own. Choose your own adventure. Sure, take advice from others about what drives them. We can all learn from each other. Sit down and focus on what you want to achieve for you. Write a list even. Then come up with a strategy on how you’re going to go about ticking (or crossing, if that’s more your style) those goals off, one by one. It’s a bloody satisfying thing to do! If you need help, get help. Come and see one of our coaches, who are more than happy to sit down with you and plan your next motivational move.

Your goals don’t all have to be related to fitness either. In order to reach a physical peak, you may have to achieve something in terms of mental strength first. Work it out. Talk it out. With your people. CrossFit 4504 are not counsellors, but we can offer you ways to improve your mental and physical health through training and support. One works in conjunction with the other and you’ll be able to achieve things you never imagined in a friendly, safety conscious environment in our deliberately small class settings. We want you to achieve confidence and improved technique in a social environment, free of ego and full of encouragement.

It’s why we love the quote at the top of this blog so much. Find Your Tribe. Love Them Hard. Hang out with the people who can help make you a better version of you. CrossFit 4504 is full of such people, all trying to better themselves. We Love Our Tribe!


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