Finding the Joy

Our blogs have been rather serious lately so we thought we’d lighten up a bit this week – and talk about JOY!

Now, we do have a beautiful member at CrossFit 4504 whose name happens to be Joy! And whilst she is the personification of her name – this post is not about her. (Sorry Joy, #spiritofcrossfit – we do love you though.)

The lovely Joy

This post is about the joy that you find ensconced in the word enJOYment. The value of happiness, having a laugh and finding joy in the company of others – one of life’s simple pleasures. The members at CrossFit 4504 are learning that enJOYment enhances their performance and their results. They also realise that just by coming to more classes, they are creating a positive energy around the box that is beneficial to all.

We work damn hard at CrossFit 4504. Our coaches, our admin team, our members. Being a badass is not as easy as we make it look!

Or is it??

Don’t tell anybody but we’ll let you in on a little secret…. The reason our athletes are constantly improving and classes are full almost every day…?

We enJOY ourselves! We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

That’s not to say we don’t train hard – we do. The amount of sweat, grunting and swear words left on the gym floor after a tough WOD is testament to that. Our members train like warriors, but they don’t bring ego to class. They train with intensity, but without arrogance or self–importance. Their results are important to them and to the coaches, but they are not more important than anyone else’s results. Laughter, gratitude, enJOYment – these are more important than comparisons.

We love a good laugh – and we love to hear and tell a good story. Some are a little more risqué than others, but they are relatable. Kinda like the stories you sit around telling your closest family and friends – and that’s what classes are like around here. We are a community who respect each other and are a little cheeky at the same time.

Our members can also get a little silly at times. Which is why you’ll find a respectable business man occasionally wearing unicorn socks!

And no-one minds if undies are worn on the outside when superheros turn up to WOD.

We have a laugh – just for the sake of laughing. And herein lies the secret. The joy our members experience is contagious! Like attracts like. It produces a great energy around the box and allows fears, worries and negative emotions to take a back seat. Obviously not everyone is joyous all the time – quite frankly that would just be fucking annoying! However the positive energy of others is felt by those who may be struggling. They know that they are surrounded by people who are caring and supportive. Even if it’s just for that one hour of class time – that might be the highlight of an otherwise shitty day/week.

The programming at CrossFit 4504 also allows for our members to take it easy every once in a while…

I’m sorry..WHHAAAATT??

“But you’re a CrossFit affiliate. Every WOD should be harder than the day before. If you program easy days, your athletes will go backwards. They won’t improve at all…”

We know right? Our members are disgustingly unfit and unhappy – we call bullshit on this one!

The days that are a little lighter in load or intensity – these are also the days that are lighter in mood. Buoyant. Uplifting. Walking on Fucking Sunshine! Haha… These are the days when the social aspects of our community are more important than the training – and it’s why we put up with Coach Lisa playing 80’s love ballads on Valentine’s Day! These days – where we still train, but a little more lightly – actually benefit our members and our community more than just continually grinding away. We know this for a fact, because we used to do it the other way. A massive amount of work each day – and our athletes were struggling to retain their JOY. We are proud to say we’re constantly learning and improving and our programming is a reflection of that. We are dedicated in finding the best way for our athletes to gain the most from their membership and the most from their experience with CrossFit 4504.

We reckon one F. Gump had it right. Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know when your Caramilk is going to be full of plastic!

So take every available opportunity to be JOYous now. Laugh at yourself. Laugh with others. EnJOY what you have now.

Show compassion. Experience JOY (not our Joy, she’s not that kind of lady)

Learn to take the good with the bad and celebrate in a community where enJOYment is our middle name.

CrossFit EnJOYment 4504!

Meh – we don’t think that will stick somehow. Let’s keep the enJOYment as our secret and guarantee it as something you’ll experience when you walk through our doors.

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