Finding your WHY…..

Why do you CrossFit? It’s a relatively simple question but people often find it hard to pinpoint an answer. Yet figuring out why you train can be a catalyst in how well you train and how to maintain motivation. Why…?

If you train for the wrong reasons, you will find it hard to keep going. If you ask yourself why you turn up to CrossFit, what is your response? Do you train to –?

  • Seek approval from coaches
  • Try to get tight buns!
  • Lose weight so that others will accept you
  • Try to get a 6 pack
  • Look more attractive

If any of these sound like you then you may end up struggling with your training. Every single one of the reasons above is what we consider a negative validation. Validation from others is a normal human emotion. We seek it – every day. But really, we should look within ourselves for approval. You will know if you haven’t been kind to yourself and your body. But looking for approval from others as the sole reason for training is not the answer. Why are you unhappy with the way you look? Generally, this answer will come to you because of how you think others perceive you. And because real life is not a Snapchat filter.

Finding a way to validate yourself can be a struggle. Yes, you may need to lose weight – but it shouldn’t be because of a need for validation from others. Looking more attractive doesn’t mean having a 6-pack, or buns of steel. Looking more attractive comes from within.

Ask yourself the ‘Why’ question again…

Think of how CrossFit training makes you feel. Put your hand up if you can answer yes to any of the following reasons –

  • Because I enjoy it
  • I want to be stronger
  • I am making great friends
  • To improve and maintain my health
  • It helps me to enjoy other activities
  • For my mental strength and character

These are fantastic reasons as to why you do CrossFit. Enjoying your fitness journey should be Number 1 on your list of ‘Why’ every time. When you are enjoying yourself, you will continue to push, to achieve your goals and set new ones. Set positive goals. For example, “I want to deadlift 100kg by this time next year”.

Boom! That will tick off at least 3 of the above reasons why you train.

  1. You will be stronger for sure.
  2. You will certainly have the strength and energy to enjoy other activities outside of CrossFit.
  3. Your mental strength and character will have improved – just by working toward that one goal.

Guess what? You may also lose weight, end up with buns of steel and have the approval of not only your coach, but everyone else in the box by working towards your goal! Changing your perspective on ‘Why’, benefits your training in more ways than one.

The beauty of CrossFit is that you can set yourself goals for every single movement if you want to!! Go crazy!

The crew at CrossFit 4504 have goals set for themselves too. We ask them to assess ‘Why’ they train and to name things they are proud of achieving. We are in the thick of the 2018 CrossFit Open at the moment and so many of our members have expressed how proud they are of themselves and their fellow athletes. We have many first time participants in this year’s Open and so many have already exceeded their expectations. And having fun while they do it!

The friendships made here at CrossFit 4504 have already been added to many of our members ‘Why’ list for training. Building confidence is another. Gaining strength, fitness, mobility, skills. All amazing reasons why we train. Looking good naked is not our focus – it’s merely an added benefit!!

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