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Fun, Fitness & Friends

Most of us have felt lonely at some stage in our lives. Moving suburbs, states or countries is one instance to cause loneliness. Others feel lonely if their usual social circle heads in a different direction to them – be it through work or family commitments. That’s life and we move on and find a new circle of friends….mostly. For those of us who are not naturally confident, or who are shy and find it difficult to initiate conversation, loneliness can be a real issue. It’s much easier to sit on the couch binge watching Netflix than having awkward conversations with someone at the supermarket right? It’s also easier to communicate behind the safety of a keyboard on social media, making face to face conversations that are essential to social interactions an exhausting affair, particularly for an introvert to even attempt.

To establish a bond with someone you need to be able to discuss similar topics. It doesn’t matter too much if your opinions differ as long as you respect each other. Common ground creates bonds…and a popular way to find common ground with strangers is to get involved in a sporting activity or fitness regime which will release those happy endorphins and make social situations easier. Turns out physical activity is also good for your health, so it’s a win-win solution.
You know what? We have the perfect activity to get you up off that couch and meeting new people – CROSSFIT!!

I know right! Obviously as a CrossFit affiliate we are going to suggest our methodology as a great way to interact with others while improving your health and fitness, particularly the methods of teaching encompassed at CrossFit 4504. But read on because we have some bloody good evidence to back up our theory…..

The first being – WE LOVE NEW PEOPLE!!
Over the past few weeks, CrossFit 4504 has seen a lot of newbies throughout our classes. And we’re excited. These people have made a conscious decision to make their health and happiness a priority for 2018. So far, they’ve all reached a new level of soreness, but they’re motivated! And our existing CrossFit 4504 members have been nothing but encouraging, welcoming and reassuring as our newest class members settle in. These newest peeps have also realised that at CrossFit 4504, you aren’t segregated based on your ability. Unlike some sports where athletes are separated into teams based on ability, CrossFit is not like that at a grass-roots level. At CrossFit 4504, any team events which take place will involve a random selection of people. Names out of a hat. Not based on ability. But based on the fact that you were keen enough to participate in the first place.

Some of our new participants have never performed the movements involved in CrossFit so our coaches are taking the time each and every class to show them the fundamentals. If their fitness levels are low, the length of the WODs are modified. If they can’t lift with a barbell, dumbbells or broomsticks are used. They have been made to feel a part of our community from the moment they walked through the door. And already they are forming bonds with existing CrossFit 4504 members. Sharing smiles, laughter and groans. Receiving congratulations and Hi 5’s for the effort they are making to step out of their comfort zone.

And you know what else?
We’ll remember your name!!

Our coaches will remember your name because they actually give a shit who you are. By entering CrossFit 4504, you become part of an extended family. A community where you’re more than just a face, or someone who is barely noticed in the back corner of a class. Choose the back corner if you wish, but expect to be noticed. There are certainly quiet achievers at CrossFit 4504. Quite a few in fact. But there will never be any wallflowers – you won’t get away with just existing and then leaving. Guaranteed everyone in your class will introduce themselves at some point. Guaranteed you will be asked by a coach to name something you are grateful for. Guaranteed your struggles with movement will be noticed and scaled. Guaranteed you will be forever encouraged to keep going.

Each time you come to class there will be smiles just for you because we value the efforts of all members in our community.

The last point we’d like to make for now is that CrossFit will give you confidence. For those who are shy or low in self-esteem, this is life changing. At CrossFit 4504 we can see it! It’s awesome! After a while CrossFit makes you feel like a Badass! Not in an ‘I’m so ripped and can lift heavy shit so get outta my way’ type Badass. We don’t encourage ego at CrossFit 4504 – we encourage confidence. Confidence in your ability to just pick up a barbell. Confidence to increase your load, drop under that barbell and still maintain good technique. Confidence to perform your first box jump, your first pull up, to run even though you may feel like an elephant stuck in quicksand!

Because there are so many varied movements in CrossFit, EVERYONE will improve. Sometimes it’s in huge leaps and bounds, sometimes it’s in tiny, little moments that you think no-one else will see. But they will. Our coaches will notice the improvement in your technique and the way you listen to their cues. They’ll notice your increased mobility and strength. Other members will notice how you are more comfortable during class. How you are now encouraging others, the way they have encouraged you. We will notice your lift in confidence – and we will smile. Because we all know that feeling. And it’s such a terrific feeling! The mental strength you gain during CrossFit training will assist you in other aspects of your life. If you’ve just slogged your way through the massiveness that is Murph and survived, then surely you can interact with someone at the supermarket right?

At CrossFit 4504 we care not only about your health, but making you feel comfortable in our community. We organise a lot of activities outside of the box and our members have become very close knit and supportive of those who are new to our family. Because that’s what you’ll become – part of the CrossFit 4504 family. It’s a great family and no matter whether you’re the vulgar, joke-telling uncle, the curly-haired, dancing cousin or the talcum-powdered, affectionate grandma – there’s a place for you here if you make the effort.

Press pause on Netflix, peel yourself off the couch and take the first step into meeting new people. Come and join the family – our tribe can always use people like you.

If you’d like to experience the CrossFit 4504 Difference register below for your FREE 7 Day Trial

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