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Get Your Heart Pumping

“Your heart is a muscle and it pumps blood – like a big old, black steam traaaaiiiin!”

Sorry for that Cruel Sea throwback, but the heart-pumping, high intensity exercise incorporated into CrossFit makes you want to sing after every WOD. Not during. AFTER. During each high intensity WOD, you’re not singing, you’re gasping. You’re wondering if you have the will to make it through or whether your last meal will end up regurgitating. But then you finish – and you want to sing! Because just by finishing that high intensity WOD, you’ve done your body a HUGE favour and you are now subconsciously experiencing all of the following benefits –

Increased Metabolic Rate

When you work your heart at over 80% of its maximum rate, you will speed up your metabolism. This means you burn more calories – even after you exercise. So if you’re trying to lose weight or increase energy levels, this is great news. Combined with good nutrition and adequate sleep the high intensity WODs of CrossFit will help you with your goals.

Ever heard of quality over quantity? This has never been more true regarding fitness training. While running or riding at the same pace is always better than sitting on the couch, this type of exercise doesn’t provide anywhere near the same benefits to your body or your heart as a WOD with intervals of high intensity, especially your heart.

Everyday Strength

Put a sign on your toilet wall that says “You squatted to shitsit here!” Squat now. Squat often. Enough said.

Seriously though, the everyday movements performed under load in CrossFit WODs will improve your quality of life. Moving quickly, with increased load, gets your number 1 muscle – that’s your heart – working and becoming stronger as well as the many muscle groups targeted during a WOD. The more you’re able to lift, the more load you’ll want to add during a high intensity WOD. And as long as you continue to use safe technique, there’s no reason not to. Knowing that you not only have the strength, but the increased strength to lift, push, bend and pull reaps benefits on activities you do outside of the box.

More time!

To achieve anywhere near the same benefits earned during a high intensity WOD, you’d need to spend twice as much time in a regular gym. If you train at a premiun CrossFit facility, such as CrossFit 4504, the programming will reward you with increased strength, speed, co-ordination, power, etc…etc. For all of us, time is a precious commodity and fitting a quality training session around family, friends, work or uni is sometimes impossible. 3 or 4 CrossFit WODs a week won’t be wasted time and you’ll find a whole new set of friends at the box community. You’ll have extra energy levels which will help you get through your everyday routine and pretty soon CrossFit will become an imperative part of your everyday routine.

The Beauty of Endorphins

Your body’s natural morphine, endorphins are released after vigorous exercise such as that of a high intensity CrossFit WOD. Just 15-20min of exercise with your heart pumping at 80-100% of its max will leave you feeling euphoric…after you catch your breath! And once you recover from the pain of the WOD…Yes, there will be pain. But trust us when we say that the pain is almost like a drug. It’s addictive. A natural, healthy high. You want the pain because you know the feeling you experience afterwards is the best stimulant around. CrossFit gets those endorphins flowing – just like laughter and sex, and we recommend all 3 if you’re of legal age to do so! (‘Not until you’re 21!!’, say the parents of EVERY teenage girl reading this!)

The Collective Heart of a Community

Your heart will expand in more ways than one due to the high intensity WODs of CrossFit. The more you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the more you will realise what you’re capable of achieving. Not just in training, but all facets of your life. Self confidence, motivation and positive energy are all side effects of a good CrossFit training facility. This is achieved by reaching new heights, learning new skills, and increased courage.

It’s also achieved by the people training alongside you, sharing your pains and celebrating your gains. Your coaches – those who program the pain, will also celebrate your gains. Knowing how hard every single person has worked in each WOD creates a bond. CrossFit may be largely an individual sport, but it is the team environment created within a supportive box that keeps you coming back. It’s the reason why people leave a normal gym. The reason why athletes make CrossFit a priority in their day.


The walls of CrossFit 4504 are eminating with good vibes and endorphins. Our members wear their WOD pain faces as a badge of honour and bask in the knowledge that their heart is pumped full of the benefits that each high intensity WOD brings. Challenge yourself and you’ll soon experience the CrossFit 4504 natural high.


If you’d like to experience the CrossFit 4504 Difference register below for your FREE 7 Day Trial

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