Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

“The strength of a mother is like no other. During times of stress, she may struggle to find her way because she’s facing her own personal demons, but her child’s welfare comes first. She’s not perfect and makes lots of mistakes but never doubt her love, it burns deeply in her heart.”

Very appropriately this week we are going to focus on and celebrate all the Mums out there. In particular, we want to recognise and raise our glasses to the amazing Mums of CrossFit 4504. These women are the illustration of strength – and we’re not just talking about their badass lifting!


Motherhood comes in many forms and variations. Say the word ‘Mum’ to yourself and no doubt an image forms in your mind of the amazing woman you have had the privilege to call Mum. And, depending on the environment we grew up in, each of us will have a different definition of our mother – each just as important as the other.

For most of us a mother is thought of as one who gives birth to a child. That wonderful lady who has endured a growing, living being inside of her – contorting her body into something unrecognisable from it’s former self. While things can get pretty uncomfortable, (understatement), pregnancy and childbirth are revered and cherished as natural miracles for all who have been honoured with the capability to do so.

Carrying a baby will change an expectant mother – and not just physically. It prepares them for the most intense love they will ever feel, a love like no other – providing them with a strength they may never have experienced before. There is such admiration for women who give birth – and rightly so! To endure such pain (just slightly worse than that of man flu for all you guys out there!) and produce a much anticipated snuggly, baby bundle seems like a miracle every single time. And it is! Each bubba is so different and grows up to be one of us. Not so snuggly or cute anymore, but a miracle nonetheless.

But a mother is not always someone who is able to carry and birth her own baby. A mother is defined more so by the statement at the top of this blog. Someone who has a strength like no other to look after her children before all else. Some women, beautiful women with open hearts, choose to adopt. That in itself takes a huge amount of strength to even contemplate. Others become Mums to a newly formed family who come with previous children. They are referred to as Step-Mums and trust us when we tell you that not all of them are Wicked!!

Biological or not, all Mums offer the same love. And that same strength is required. Because no two days are going to be the same – Mums learn as they go. To love someone unconditionally, nurture them, let them make their own mistakes (no matter how dumb) requires a huge amount of strength and understanding. Mothers feel their children’s triumphs and pain and experience it as their own. (and we’re not saying Dads aren’t this way too, but, you know, it’s Mother’s Day – so all you cool Dads can just wait ‘til September)

Motherhood can be exhilarating – but holy crap!!!! It can also be soooo exhausting. We salute your strength…and Mums who work, single Mums and Mums of special needs children – we acknowledge your Wonder Woman capes and trust that you will also save the world some day!! Being a Mum lets you realise that exhaustion is a functioning way of life. And there are times when that strength you felt surging through your veins as a new mum is slowly ebbing away…

But there is another strength in Mums too – the strength to allow time for themselves. It’s so important!! The mothers of CrossFit 4504 have figured this out and value the hour that they spend with us each day. Just one hour. That’s all it takes. An hour where they put all their stress in a corner and have a laugh. And sometimes a cry. During a WOD, it’s just them against them. With the support of their fellow members, our mums love the added strength that CrossFit gives them.

Yes the strength they gain is physical in terms of weight and mobility, skills and agility. More importantly though, they reclaim themselves. An inner strength, just for them. Sure, they are amazing role models for their children in showing them that anything can be achieved if you keep trying. But the self confidence the CrossFit 4504 Mums gain with every new technique, every new PB, has seen them grow in strength of mind. ‘Cos, yes, motherhood can be tough. But so can a 100kg deadlift, or 7 minutes of burpees. And once our Mums realise their own potential, they realise that they are fucking good at what they do – this Mum business. It’s not always a smooth road, but nothing in life is.

We already knew the CrossFit 4504 Mums had strength when they first started with us. It’s the realisation of that strength in THEIR faces that we love to see. To have the strength to take time out for themselves enables them to continue to be the awesome Mums they already are.

So while every member of CrossFit 4504 celebrates the amazing Mums in their lives this weekend, we give a special shout out to the Mums who are part of our community. We are in awe of your achievements – in and out of the box. Even more so, we love to watch your continuing discovery of strengths you never knew you had.


Love You Mum x

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