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How We Measure Success

Measuring success is fairly important to most of us. That feeling of satisfaction when you achieve something you’ve been aiming for – that’s the feeling of success and it validates why we do what we do.

Same goes for our fitness aspirations. Competitive athletes measure their success in terms of results – winning or losing. Times raced, goals scored, weights lifted – an elite athlete’s results are important to their progression and their ultimate dream to be the best.

But what about the average athlete? Those of us who might still be competitive, but not elite? Or those who aren’t competitive and just want to keep fit?

Research has shown that one of the main reasons why people exercise is to lose weight. Or try to look a certain way. But should weight loss or body shape be indicative to success? We live in a world where judgement is passed upon people because of how they look….what if, instead, we focused on what people can DO? Don’t use the scales as the be all and end all for your fitness success. By all means, add losing weight to your list of goals if you want to – but don’t make it your main focus. Improving your fitness will improve your lifestyle – whether you are overweight or not. Becoming fit helps your heart and reduces the risk of heart disease. Increasing fitness will also combat Type 2 Diabetes, improve your state of mind, your sleep and reduce the risk of dementia as you age. Losing weight if you need to is great for your overall health, but being fit is even greater.

So success in fitness can be measured so much more effectively than numbers on a scale. The members of CrossFit 4504 measure their successes by the factors listed below:

  1. Enjoyment!

What better way to categorise success!!

Enjoying your fitness program will guarantee your return time and again. Enjoyment makes perserverance easier and the hard work more achieveable. The community at CrossFit 4504 is filled with supportive, encouraging people who enjoy their training. Sure, they may moan and groan throughout the tough WODs, but there are so many laughs, hugs, cheers and smiles in between that we know they are enjoying the pain and are so proud of each other.

This alone quantifies success. Our ultimate goal in life is to be happy and healthy right? Well the members of CrossFit 4504 have taken a huge step in that direction by becoming part of our amazing community.

  1. Tracking Exercise

Our members log into our ZenPlanner app every time they plan on coming to class. This not only lets our coaches know who will be in attendance, but provides a great method for our members to track the number of times they’ve been to class in a week, or a month. This gives our athletes a sense of mindfulness and they can measure successes by reaching set goals on how often they attend classes.

By tracking their exercise, our members can not only keep themselves accountable, but also maintain motivation to show up and get the results they are looking for in their training.

  1. Tracking Nutrition

If one of your indicators to a successful training program is losing weight, then it is vital to look at your nutrition. Exercise alone is not a long term solution for weight loss – or even a short term one for that matter. Your diet should be all about what you can sustain as a lifestyle choice – not a 6 week shake-a-day, pig’s toenail for breakfast, green algae infusion weight loss program!

What goes into your mouth is important and while you may be trying to lose weight, you also need to consider the amount of fuel your body will require to train effectively!

CrossFit 4504 members have access to nutrition coaching from Xplore Nutrition. This provides them with the opportunity to obtain specific advice in relation to their goals. While we don’t focus on fat loss or body shape at CrossFit 4504, we want to provide as much assistance as possible for our members to become the healthiest and happiest they’ve ever been.

  1. Improvements

This is a fantastic way to measure success. Improvements in your training means you’re moving forward and achieving more. Focusing on how you feel instead of how you look is a much healthier way to validate your fitness training. And every improvement, not matter how small, can be called a success. Can you now walk up a flight of stairs without being short of breath? Success! Can you pick up a 20kg bag of firewood without much effort? Success! Everyday activities which once may have been difficult are easier when you’re fitter. These same improvements can be measured in your training.


By recording their results, the members of CrossFit 4504 can see the difference in their WODs, through times, weights and scaled techniques. Take a first time ‘Fran’ WOD for example…it may have taken an athlete 7.46min, with 20kg thrusters and jumping pull ups. That same athlete can measure improvement and therefore success if, 6 months later, their time has decreased, or their load has increased or their pull up technique has improved.

Improvements are an integral part of measuring success and any improvements our members make are celebrated by the whole community.

Define your success not just by looking in the mirror or jumping on the scales. Enjoy the look of your new badass self but take note of the way you feel and what you can do – this is far more indicative.

There are no mirrors at CrossFit 4504. Our members don’t need to see themselves working hard. They can feel that they’re doing their bodies a huge favour. Our community thrives on the spirit of our members and all who are new to our CrossFit family immediately feel that they have taken a step in the right direction – a measure of success for themselves and their future.

If you’d like to experience the CrossFit 4504 Difference register below for your FREE 7 Day Trial

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