Investing in YOUR Future

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Investing in YOUR Future

We all work hard. Grinding away to provide for our families, to save for our first house, a much anticipated trip overseas or that new car. We also put money away – so that when we finally get to retire we have a nice little nest egg to fall back on. Most of us achieve this by investing in a Superannuation Fund, part of each week’s pay removed from temptation. And there it stays – a foundation built today for our future longevity and enjoyment.

So why not apply that train of thought to our bodies as well?

Why not work hard on maintaining nutrition, movement and fitness today to prepare our body’s nest egg for future longevity and enjoyment? Once you’ve retired with all that hard-earned cash coming your way, you want to be able to enjoy it, right?

Investing in your body now can pay immeasurable dividends for the future. Here at CrossFit 4504, we help members every day to build that health superannuation fund for their future. Here’s how…..


As we age we slow down a little. Some of us slow down a lot! We no longer have the energy we once had in our youth. This is fine – expected even. But from our teenage members right through to our over 50’s (and we have a few), the crew at CrossFit 4504 are encouraged to attend class as often as they can – to Keep Moving. And because classes are fun and they see constant progress they WANT to come regularly.

Our bodies weren’t built to be sedentary. Our joints need mobility and movement and more importantly – so does our heart! It’s recommended that we exercise at least 3 times per week at a moderate to high intensity level. Anywhere between 50 to about 85% of your maximum heart rate is ideal. This is considered an optimum range to maintain the health of your heart and help prevent disease. Obviously different levels of fitness will determine whether you work at the lower or higher end of this zone. But getting your heart pumping will keep it strong. It’s a muscle too – and needs to be strong enough to pump blood to all areas of your body, 24/7.

But what if you have an injury or a mobility issue?

Our answer to that always was and always will be – SCALING! CrossFit is an infinitely scalable sport and the members of CrossFit 4504 can tell you that even though they may have injuries or niggles or movement restrictions and are scaling WODs – they sure as heck will get their heart rate up into that optimum working zone. Our members are encouraged to keep moving and are therefore encouraged to scale if needed. Neither our coaches nor other members will ever punish or look down at you for scaling a WOD. Our coaching staff are very particular about the way our members move. If your technique hasn’t met a certain standard, extra weight and complexity of movements will not be added to your workout. This is to ensure that technique remains for all movements as you progress. If technique falls away during a WOD, members will be scaled back to maintain the correct movement. This is not only for the integrity of the WOD, but to promote longevity. We want our members to invest in their future so they can continue to move well in a safe way. For a long time.


Straight up. What you put into your mouth will forever have an impact on how you feel, your energy levels and the overall health of your body.

CrossFit 4504 doesn’t place emphasis on losing weight. Rather, our focus is eating right for your energy requirements. The more classes our members attend, the hungrier they become! CrossFit can deplete your energy levels fast if you aren’t eating the right way.

If you fuel yourself with processed sugary and fatty foods your energy levels and your mood will fluctuate. Excess sugar will be stored as fat and your risk of heart disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes will rise. Your poor body will be using all of its energy forever trying to process all the crap entering its system, so that any exercise you can manage will be sluggish.

On the other hand, if you eat healthier, unprocessed foods your energy and mood levels will lift. Obviously fresh is best, so the more wholegrains, good fats, fruit, vegetables, lean meat and protein you can eat the better your body will feel. These foods can be incorporated into some amazingly tasty dishes and your heart will thank you for it by increasing your body’s metabolic rate. This in turn will give you more energy to exercise and hunger to enjoy even more good food!

We aren’t saying give up on the treats, just to enjoy them in moderation. This can be especially hard during this very festive time of year, but there are things you can do. Like make sure you increase your water intake if you know you’re going to be drinking alcohol – a known diuretic. Or if you have had a hugely satisfying, belly bloating lunch, then a very light, healthy dinner should see you through the night. Little things such as these can make a difference in surviving times of celebration.

Counting calories and weighing food is ok and some people find this a helpful way to track their food intake. But unless you are a professional athlete or you have very specific dietary requirements, we are really just talking about fuelling your body for good health. Now. To invest in the future. Keep your meals healthy and regular and don’t overdo it on a regular basis. Your body will thank you for years to come.

Invest in your body’s Superannuation today. Good health and fitness is just as important as putting away dollars for retirement. If not more so. What’s the point in having a retirement nest egg if you’re too unhealthy to enjoy it? The cost of illess in the future far outweighs the cost of wellness, and the path to wellness starts now. Put the effort into your bones, your heart, your muscles and your mind now so that you’ll be running amok well into your 70’s. There are plenty of people CrossFitting after retirement too. We at CrossFit 4504 reckon they’re onto a good thing!

Come and chat with us today to start a Superannuation Fund for your body!  Start investing in your most valuable asset………YOU!

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