It’s More Than Just a Rig…..

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It’s More Than Just a Rig…..

CrossFit 4504 installed a brand new rig built by the team at Maverick Strength & Conditioning  this week and boy, are we excited!!

Sure, we’re excited because we have new equipment and we all love shiny, new toys. But this rig stands for something much more significant. It stands as a validation. A tangible testament to our existence as an affiliate. “But it’s just a piece of equipment!” we hear you scoff. “Gyms get new stuff all the time.” Well, yes, that’s true. But here’s where the significance lies – it’s been a long term goal for Owner and Head Coach Lisa to be able to supply the CrossFit 4504 team with a quality new rig. Symbolically, it also signifies to our members that we’re here to stay. A new rig is a pretty flash and pretty expensive piece of equipment, so once it’s in place – it ‘aint goin’ nowhere! And if the rig ‘aint goin’ nowhere, then neither are we! A major milestone finally achieved.

Catching onto the symbolic meaning yet? Whilst our old, second-hand rig served us extremely well, it had run its course and no longer fit with the premium CrossFit experience we endeavour to provide to our members. “Uh…congratulations, I guess” you might say. “But what’s it actually got to do with my fitness? Apart from being able to use it when I train at CrossFit 4504.”

What a great question!! So here’s our answer –


It’s got everything to do with your personal fitness journey. Bear with us while we make the correlation. When you embark on your CrossFit training, you have fear, excitement, anticipation. And you also have all these ideas of what you’ll be able to achieve in your training and what a total badass you’re going to become. Which is awesome.

Whether you acknowledge them or not – in the back of your mind will be goals or milestones that you want to reach. And whether you acknowledge it or not – reaching a goal validates your efforts. It makes you stop and think ‘Wow, look how far I’ve come from when I first began.’ Achieving goals in life motivates you to continue, to strive for more.

Some goals are easily attainable within the first few months of CrossFit training. Things like completing your first RX WOD or reaching the correct depth for a wall ball. Lifting a certain weight or nailing that first Double Under. Whatever it may be, reaching these short term goals lifts your confidence and maintains your motivation. An awesome feeling!

But what about those goals that are a little further out of reach? Something you really, really want to achieve and you know that if you put in a lot of hard work that you’ll be close to achieving it. A movement, a WOD or a milestone, that if accomplished, will make your CrossFit existence worthwhile. It might be running 5km continuously, or finally mastering a pull up or muscle up. It’s usually in the back of your mind…and you subconsciously use it as a benchmark to your performance. You might put in a lot of hard yards to try and reach this goal and you want it so much. But it always seems just beyond your capabilities – just out of reach. You want it so much that several times you almost give up totally. So close, yet falling again and again at the final hurdle. ‘Don’t give up – Get up,’ you might tell yourself. So you do. Bruised, slightly broken and a little scarred, you continue to fight and not allow yourself to be defeated. This in itself is a major achievement – to find strength you never knew you had. To keep fighting against all the doubts and fears. You’re already a champion if you have the power to do this. But then you achieve what has been in your subconscious for so long. And you’re elated, relieved, emotional and ridiculously proud all at once. Validation.

Pretty intense right? And maybe a little dramatic? But this goal analogy is tied to CrossFit 4504’s new rig. Something which was only dreamed about year after year and almost given up on so many times. Yet subconsciously always there as something to strive toward. Monumental evidence of our ongoing success. Years of planning, hard work and tears are behind our new rig.  A huge milestone for CrossFit 4504 as an affiliate and a significant validation of our existence.

CrossFit 4504 is a very proud affiliate and we love our members to share in that pride. Being able to provide our amazing community with a premium piece of equipment proves to our members that having goals is important and are always worth pursuing – even the ones which seem just out of reach. Keep working hard – and your strength will astound you.

So come and check out our brand new rig – we think it’s pretty sexy! And we’re even more proud of the community behind it. They make the almost unachievable a reality.

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