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Motivation…We’ve Got You….

Motivation. We can do amazing things when we have it in abundance. But what happens when you lose motivation?

In terms of CrossFit training this happens to pretty much everyone at some point. Although CrossFit training is constantly varied it is also constantly challenging. To push our bodies continuously to become better athletes requires a lot of effort and for most people, it’s not something that can be sustained day after day. For that reason and many others, motivation can wane. It happens in every sport and fitness program…and it can creep up on you! It kinda sucks really. One day you’re breaking your own badass records and suddenly you hit a wall.

Here are a few ways to help combat loss of motivation in your training program…

Setting goals
Goal setting is a great way to maintain motivation during training. Having a long term vision gives you short term motivation and areas you need to improve on can be quickly identified. Your goals also need to be attainable and relevant to your current ability. There’s no point in creating a list of goals which will have you training 8 times a week, when realistically you know you can only make four training sessions work.

Planning the steps to reach your goals can be exciting – and sometimes a little daunting. Sitting down with a coach at your CrossFit box can be very helpful in working out a process for you to achieve your goals while maintaining motivation. All of the CrossFit 4504 members are offered 1 on 1 goal planning sessions with Head Coach Lisa. Our members have found this to be an invaluable tool in working out what they want from their training, how to achieve more and how to stay motivated.

Whether your goals are long term such as ensuring good health into old age or short term like getting that first handstand hold against the wall, you should write them all down. Once you have your goals mapped out, strategies can be applied and you can then work through each step towards achievement.

Be honest with yourself about what you are really feeling and jump on it early.  Take ownership for your results and don’t push how you feel onto others.  If you’re not moving forward look at the effort and work you have been putting in.  Be prepared to come in earlier or stay later to work on some additional skills to help get that goal ticked off.  Small steps every day will get you there!!

No to Go
“Are you going to the box today?” “No. I’ve had a big day at work.”
“Are you going tomorrow?” “Yeeaahh…I think so…my little toe has been hurting a bit though, so….No.”

Ok. Apart from needing a cup of cement to harden up, there’s a pattern of excuses here.

‘NO’….it’s a bloody small word with a powerful meaning. If you repeat it in your head often enough, your mindset will change completely. NO, I’m too tired to train. NO, I can’t do the movements in today’s WOD so I’m not going. NO, I’m nowhere near my PB for that lift so why bother?

Pretty soon your brain is agreeing with the crap you’re feeding it and you start believing what you’re saying.

Change the NO to GO! Whenever your brain comes up with what you really know is a feeble excuse, just put your shoes on anyway. Getting there will solve 99% of the problem. Once you’re there and you see your classmates and start the WOD, you will feel much better about ignoring your brain’s attempt in proving your weakness. And if your tiredness is genuine, there’s no shame in having a quiet word with your coach before class. Remember, scaling is always an option. The members at CrossFit 4504 are always encouraged to scale where needed and we know there are days when they are feeling a little below par.

Rest Days
This may seem to contradict our last point but when you’re tired….and we mean really tired, your body needs to recuperate. CrossFit athletes should incorporate at least one rest day into their program. You will not lose fitness or strength in a day. Or even two! In fact, the opposite occurs. If you allow your muscles a day off they are able to build the proteins required to become bigger and stronger. You may need more than a day, particularly if you’ve had a heavy program. Alternatively, scale back the WOD.

Here again is another perfect opportunity to discuss how your body and more importantly – your mind – is feeling. The members at CrossFit 4504 know that a coach is always available to discuss how things are going and sort through any issues you may be having. A good coach will probably notice that you seem worn out and will suggest a rest day. Or a light day, where you scale back load or reps or both. And if they don’t notice….tell them! Our class sizes are capped so that coaches can keep an eye on all members as they WOD. We endeavour to ensure everyone is maintaining technique and will suggest modifications if we think it’s best for each athlete. This is a great way to keep your motivation levels up as your energy levels will reboot for your next WOD.

Other activities on rest days are also a great way to maintain motivation. Do some mobility exercises, go for a bushwalk or a swim in the ocean. Your coaches will understand the need to restore energy levels and because CrossFit encourages functional fitness, alternate exercise will seem easier because of your training.

When you are part of an amazing community like the one at CrossFit 4504, fellow members will understand and sympathise with lack of motivation. Lack of motivation is a thing! The key to beating it is to attack it early. It’s not something you should ignore. Talk about your concerns with your coach, through forums or with fellow members. Do it without complaint, but with regard to your own progression. There are ways to move through a rough patch in your training….the sooner you address it, the quicker you can work out ways to find your mojo again and get back to kicking butt!

If you’re tired of drifting along alone come and see the difference our Coaches and community will make to your progress.

If you’d like to experience the CrossFit 4504 Difference register below for your FREE 7 Day Trial

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