One Size Fits All

Derek is a big boy. Some would call him fat, but he’s actually got a lot of muscle – just hidden under a few excess layers. The only 6 pack Derek currently has is the one cooling in his fridge. Derek also pulls off a great ‘Blue Steel’ impression and is cursed with being really, really, ridiculously good looking!!! Derek would love to try CrossFit but thinks he is too overweight and too out of shape to make it through a single WOD. Is Derek the type of person who would be welcome at CrossFit 4504? Yeah…he is!

Suzie has always been an active person, but has zero muscle tone – in fact, she’s pretty much a walking, flesh-covered bag of bones. No matter how much Suzie eats, she is cursed with being incredibly skinny and weak. Or is she? Suzie’s friend does CrossFit and thinks she should give it a go. But Suzie is scared that she’ll be laughed out of the box for not being able to lift huge amounts like all CrossFit athletes seem to do. She reckons she wouldn’t last a week before snapping a limb, but she’s curious about CrossFit anyway. Is Suzie the type of person who would be welcome at CrossFit 4504? Yeah…she is!

Nicky is one of our awesome crew who is doing things she never thought possible.

Bob has never touched a barbell in his life but watched the CrossFit Games on TV and is inspired to give CrossFit a try. Kelly wants to be the next Tia-Clare Toomey but has never considered herself to be at all co-ordinated or sporty. Betty can Zumba up a storm but has been advised by her doctor to take up exercises involving weights to help delay the onset of Osteoarthritis. Caleb feels like he has never fit in socially – he lives with Austism and wants to train hard to show his mum that he can be good at a sport as well as a genius historian. Stella hates running with a passion, but really wants to try something for herself as she spends most of her days caring for her young children.

Are Bob, Kelly, Betty, Caleb and Stella the types of people we want at CrossFit 4504? OMGoodness yes!!

Our community come form all walks of life and all shapes and sizes. All with varying needs and they find a common place here to help them strive for their goals.

In fact, the types of made-up people we have described above already exist in our CrossFit 4504 members. Maybe not every single attribute as these characters are purely ficticious, but certainly many of our members can relate to at least one of their attributes.

Except the ‘Blue Steel’ – we currenly have a vacancy for someone who is really, really, ridiculously good-looking to join our crew!! (please apply below by commenting with your best ‘Blue Steel’ impersonation)

Show us your best….

Our point is that we aren’t looking for a certain ‘type’ of CrossFit athlete. We don’t care if you’re stick thin, obese, slow or fast, in or out of shape – what you look like is not our focus. CrossFit 4504 is looking for athletes who are willing to try. Who are willing to change their perception of themselves and expand the label that they have been given. You are not defined by the way you look, you are defined by your character and your integrity as a person. Realising your potential in a supportive training environment with quality coaching is what CrossFit 4504 is all about. And just like our ficticious athletes, we can prove that one size fits all.

Let’s look at our created characters one year into their CrossFit journey…

Derek is a big boy – but has far more lean muscle mass these days. He still holds a 6 pack in his fridge but also holds the bottom of a 180kg squat with ease. Suzie is eternally petite, but is known as a pocket rocket in the box. After a very tentative start with some of the movements, her coaches have given her the confidence to now be able to lift twice her body weight. She smashes every WOD and is currently working on a pullups program and thinking of entering her first CrossFit competition. Bob is loving the challenge of learning and each week he makes huge improvements with his technique. Kelly has realised she will never be the next Tia but her confidence improves every week, along with her balance and co-ordination – she can even do a handstand on the wall now! Betty is a badass! This Grandma can deadlift, burpee and run like a demon. She will never have the speed of her youth but she has a new lease on life and can still Zumba the night away. Caleb has fit right into the community and loves the structure of each workout where he can tick off how much he has achieved – his mum is so, so proud. Stella still hates running but still turns up if it’s in the WOD. She has learned that the mental strength she has gained through CrossFit is so rewarding and helps her with all facets of her life.

These ‘fake’ members all started with what they saw as limitations on what a CrossFit athlete should be. Put aside the stereotypes – think of yourself as an athlete. With scaling options available for every workout and every ‘type’, CrossFit 4504 is the perfect way to become an athlete. Slip on a CrossFit 4504 shirt and sweat and grunt and laugh alongside your classmates in one of the most supportive environments you’ll ever come across. Learn that attitude surpasses body shape and watch yourself grow. You’ll be amazed at the skills you learn and the belief you develop in yourself. We don’t give a rat’s arse what you look like – one size fits all if you embrace the CrossFit 4504 attitude of character and integrity.



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