Seeing Strength in Weakness

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Seeing Strength in Weakness

Some people have tried CrossFit and decided that it wasn’t for them. It’s often too much for them to get their head around and they lack motivation, purpose or the ability to focus on what it is they’re trying to achieve. It’s important to find a box that understands your emotional needs and can help you identify why you’re there – and why you might leave. While CrossFit builds your strengths, it can also painfully highlight your weaknesses. This can be hard to accept for some athletes.

The team at CrossFit 4504 views weaknesses in a positive light and encourages its members to as well. We understand the emotional battles which can lead to our members leaving if they don’t address them. We want all athletes to consider the following points to help them should they experience emotional conflict during their CrossFit journey.


Your ego is that little voice inside your head which tells you it’s ok to quit. To justify your actions and protect you from something which you know isn’t going to be smooth sailing. If you stop before you fail then it’s not really failure, right? WRONG! Failure is letting your ego make your decisions for you. Failure is not learning from mistakes and turning them into successes. Failure is not acknowledging weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

To deny yourself the real reasons behind quitting is denying yourself of opportunity. The opportunity of improving your quality of life. The opportunity in achieving things you never dreamt possible. Don’t let your ego deflect blame onto why you can’t train – CrossFit is an infinitely scaleable training method. The movements of a Games athlete are the same movements performed by an 80 year old Grandmother who trains. The only difference is scaling. Same movements, different levels. CrossFit 4504 members are aware that they will have to scale movements  – and that it’s not a big deal. They still get the same workout regardless of their level. Because the level they are currently at will challenge them just as much as someone else. It doesn’t make them less of an athlete.

Your ego is your greatest protector. It can also be your biggest demoraliser. Don’t compare yourself to others – that’s just your ego at work. If you can learn to compare from within, your ego will help you and not hinder you.


Accept who you are without judgement. Particularly in regards to your body. Look at yourself and see what you CAN do, instead of what you can’t. There is immense potential inside every CrossFit athlete – accepting your current body composition and mental strength without criticism is a lot better than constantly judging or berating yourself. So you have big thighs, or short legs or tiny shoulders. Wrinkles in your face. This is you at this point in your life. Don’t dwell – realise instead! Realise that those thighs, legs and shoulders have the potential to be strong and flexible and powerful. Realise that your face contains the power of your life experiences. Use these realisations in a WOD – train to create a body that you love instead of punishing a body that you hate.

CrossFit 4504 members come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Yes, they judge themselves – both on mental and physical aspects of themselves and their CrossFit training. But they’re encouraged to own who they are each and every day and express gratitude for both their strengths and weaknesses.


Change can be scary and hard. Really hard. But no-one ever grows without some discomfort. CrossFit isn’t just a bunch of movements thrown together to make you fitter. It tests you – takes you to that place in your head where you need to dig deep to get through the pain, or that barrier of fear. Whether it’s a tough WOD or the confusion of a hard movement, there will be times when it doesn’t work. When you try time and again without success. It can be ridiculously frustrating and make you question why you’re there. Then out comes ole’ Ego to tell you it’s better if you just give up.

Frustration is a good thing! Frustration means you’re learning and learning means you’re growing. Here at CrossFit 4504 we encourage our members to embrace those feelings of frustration as a sign of their growth. A step closer to mastering new skills, or improving their fitness. Frustration is not a sign to give up.


CrossFit 4504 places emphasis on our athletes’ motives for attending classes. For some, it may be to become fitter so they can keep up with their children or grandchildren, others might use CrossFit as training method to assist them with their other sporting ventures. Others simply see their training as an all emcompassing fitness regime which helps them with everyday living.

We ask our members to be honest in their assessment of their motives and abilities – why are they here? Identifying motives helps our athletes improve. We want them to take ownership of their goals and work hard towards achieving them. It’s satisfying for both our coaches and members to reach these milestones. The struggles they overcome in reaching their goals make their successes even more significant. To focus on your motives for training can sometimes be the difference in whether you continue with CrossFit or not.

CrossFit is a training method which can be equal parts exhilarating and daunting. It will test you mentally and make you ask many questions of yourself. And to be honest, it will pretty much always be that way if you continue to grow as an athlete and as a person.

But it shouldn’t be something that is feared or cause for anxiety. Quite the opposite. Building confidence has helped many CrossFit athletes, including CrossFit 4504 members, to control their anxiety. It’s not always a smooth road – but such is life. Acknowledgement of your weaknesses and taking steps to improving them is very empowering.


If you’ve tried CrossFit before and it hasn’t worked out then ask yourself why? Be honest in your personal assessment and decide whether you have the courage to try again. To work towards becoming a better version of yourself – then give us a call. Make an appointment. Not to workout initially – but just to come in and have a chat with one of our coaches. We can help you identify your needs, work around your limitations and assist you in deciding your fitness motivations. They don’t have to be massive plans of domination. Start small – baby steps.

Come and see us – we’d love to hear what you have to say.

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