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The CF4504 Difference…..

Ever been to a gym where there are people everywhere? The line-up is 5 deep for the leg press machine and 40-50 bodies are hoisting 5kg dumbbells to the ceiling in every Pump class?

What about a small gym? One with less equipment perhaps, but with Trainers who take you through your program to ensure you get the most from your membership?

CrossFit boxes are much the same. There are some affiliates where big classes are the norm – with only 1 coach and equipment that gets thrown around in very close proximity to other athletes. These boxes are usually a bit cheaper to join. But have a think about why that is….

CrossFit 4504 is not a box like the one described above. We don’t just want numbers through the door – we want you to experience more from CrossFit, to enjoy your time with us. More bang for your buck, so to speak. We deliberately keep our class sizes small. This is why we do it…….

1. Better Coaching

This doesn’t mean we think our coaches are better than other coaches. There are plenty of amazing coaches out there. Although, just quietly, CrossFit 4504 Coaches are pretty awesome!

Head Coach Lisa is like a CrossFit GEEK and has a swag of quals, including CrossFit Level 2 certification, under her belt (this may be a powerlifting belt!!)

Senior Coach Lance is an Institution at CrossFit 4504 and along with his CrossFit Level 1 certification, brings many years of coaching experience to our box.

Our newest Coach Mic, is by no means new to CrossFit, having participated in every CrossFit Open since 2011 and has put his CrossFit Level 1 training to good use, bringing a huge amount of coaching experience to the box.

So, yeah, our coaches rock, but that’s not what we mean by ‘Better Coaching’.
Better Coaching to us is what you get before, during and after attending classes. Better Coaching is providing feedback for all athletes. Letting them know what they are doing well, what they can improve on and how they can improve. Better Coaching means eyes on athletes as they perform so that the feedback provided is accurate. CrossFit 4504 deliberately caps class numbers for this reason. You could be the greatest Coach in the world but you can’t coach properly if you have too many people in the one class.

Our Coaches INSPIRE the CrossFit 4504 members. Encourage them to push and reach new limits to become extraordinary versions of themselves. Our Coaches are proud of every athlete and realise that each one is different, with different aspirations, different limitations and that different results are inevitable. They know this because smaller class groups mean our Coaches can actively see how their athletes are responding to each movement. CrossFit 4504 Coaches will know your name and that you can burpee like a demon, but also struggle to maintain your core throughout overhead movements, and will adjust your workout accordingly. That’s Better Coaching – and that’s the quality you’ll receive at CrossFit 4504.

2. Building Community

This is another reason why we love the smaller class sizes here at CrossFit 4504. It has allowed our community to become very close. Everyone is included. And everyone is encouraged – by everyone! Hi 5’s at the end of a class are not something we’ve had to instil in our members…they just happen on their own!! Our members are genuinely excited for each other when they hit a PB or achieve something new. Or even when they finish a WOD that was particularly brutal for them. Our members know that they each possess different strengths and weaknesses, and that having the courage to turn up on GOAT day is a great achievement in itself.

The hugs come thick and fast at CrossFit 4504 – so get used to them!! Scared of finishing a WOD last? Don’t be – you’ll have others finishing alongside you. Cheering you. Willing you on to keep moving. Small classes doesn’t mean we have a low member base. Quite the opposite as the CrossFit 4504 experience is being tried and loved by more and more people every week. More athletes = more classes and more coaches. More chances to welcome more people into our amazing Crossy Community. A community which focuses on the quality of friendships as well as the quality of results for all our members.

3. Safety

There’s safety in numbers right? If you don’t want to be seen – sure. But if you’re paying money to be trained by qualified coaches then you’d want to be noticed, wouldn’t you?

It’s a fact that in large classes of more than 20, one Coach will never be enough to ensure the safety of all athletes who are training. Consider the equipment alone in a large class. Heavy weights being flung around in close proximity to other athletes. Too many people using barbells or kettlebells can end up injuring someone. Throw running in and out of the box and classes will be disastrous – and stressful! But there’s another factor of way more importance which can inhibit the safety for athletes during training….

Poor technique. Poor technique is the number one reason why CrossFit athletes injure themselves. If you aren’t squatting or deadlifting properly, you WILL injure yourself. The reason that CrossFit 4504 members are safer is because the Coaches eyes are on them for a large portion of the WOD. We won’t allow you to squat heavy until you can squat properly. You won’t be deadlifting 100kg until you can keep your spine in alignment. It’s that simple. We care about the health of our athletes. We don’t want their CrossFit experience to be plagued by injury or doubt. We want to build confident athletes who have solid technique. This creates a platform for them in moving to the next level. We offer progressions for every movement. From wall balls to handstands, every member at CrossFit 4504 will perform a movement to their current technical standard. That is why our classes are small. Our coaches can see the levels our athletes are at. They can assist our athletes in using progressions to gain confidence and move forward. In all movements. Our athletes are achieving things they never dreamed of even trying. Because they feel safe. Because we have established trust. Because they are offered the safety of quality technical training, where everyone is challenged to push themselves just a little bit further.

You may have noticed a common theme during this post. A word which was mentioned in each point and what we want our members to experience every day….QUALITY.

That’s the difference in our classes at CrossFit 4504. We place emphasis on Quality over Quantity.

Quality coaching, quality in our community, quality movement standards and safety.

If you’d like to experience the CrossFit 4504 Difference register below for your FREE 7 Day Trial

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