There’s More to CrossFit Than You Think

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There’s More to CrossFit Than You Think

Last month, one of our friends Indwe (cool name huh?) celebrated her first year of CrossFit. And by her own admission, the decision to try CrossFit at all had been one of the biggest of her life. In her words (which she’s kindly let me borrow), “I’ve never been a sporty type, nor co-ordinated or strong. The thought of trying something so new and foreign was absolutely terrifying, especially when I had ideas in my head that CrossFit was for people who were already fit and strong.”

Indwe is now so grateful to have taken that first step into her box (shout out to CrossFit Hammer and Tong in Lismore, NSW) and she so proud of what she is achieving while doing something for herself. What she was initially feeling is something we often read about in CrossFit communities and we’ve seen it here at CrossFit 4504 with quite a few of our members. All of them are amazed that CrossFit is nothing like they initially feared and the following points may be something that you have struggled with in deciding whether to give CrossFit a go or not…

  1. Body image

One of the biggest factors in people hesitating to try CrossFit is that they are ashamed of the way they look when exercising. For some, it’s the excess kilos that haven’t fallen away after having a baby or an off season of football. For others, it’s the fact that they don’t have muscle. Or more accurately, they don’t think they have enough muscle to start CrossFit.

The irony behind this reason would actually be funny except for the stark reality of its origin. Fear can be a paralysing thing. Overcoming fear, particularly one of being laughed at for the way you look is hands down a major inhibitor for people when it comes to exercise. Guess what? We don’t care what wobbles or how big your quads are. We do care what you look like – but in terms of technique and correct movement only! And that’s it. There are no mirrors here at CrossFit 4504 because we don’t focus on how buff you are or how good your reflection is. We focus on your movement, your technique, getting you as mobile as possible – that’s all. Rest assured nobody else here will laugh at or even judge the way you look. Firstly, because we’re just damn happy that you’re suffering alongside us and secondly, we’re all too busy trying to improve our own movement standards. Finally, CrossFit 4504 don’t roll that way at all – we are very supportive, inclusive and welcoming.  Not ego’s or attitudes here!

  1. First impressions

We know how daunting it can be to walk into somewhere new, where you don’t know anything or anyone, or even how you should start.  We like to make that initial step much easier at CrossFit 4504 but creating a warm, welcoming environment where you will be greeted and guided from the first moment you come through our door.  You won’t be left to figure things out yourself.


Our front desk (Yes we have one!) will either be occupied by a coach or by our lovely Admin. Manager, who can help you with general questions about CrossFit and our box, she’ll be able to tell you what it’s like to train here. All of our staff are long term members so they know first hand what a great experience you’re about to have.

On the rare occasion that no-one is available in our office or members’ lounge, just head straight into the box where you’ll always be greeted by a class full of welcoming, sweaty faces and one of our awesome coaches. We won’t let you get away without having a chat! And you’ll soon catch on that while we’re serious about achieving our fitness goals, we’re also serious about making everyone who walks through our doors feel welcome and included.  One of our members is more than likely also to greet you with a smile and have a chat.

  1. Fitness and Co-ordination

Much like the fears of our friend, Indwe, people are hesitant to try CrossFit because they have never felt ‘sporty’ or co-ordinated. To find the courage to try something new is a huge step for anyone. Especially when it’s totally out of the realm of anything you’ve ever tried before. A sport like CrossFit can seem extremely daunting because it is a mix of many technical components. But this is exactly why CrossFit is a fantastic sport to try. Because of the many aspects to CrossFit, people usually find one component that they feel comfortable with. Weight lifting, gymnastics, rowing, running, body-weight movements provides many opportunities for members to find their niche. You may feel like an absolute gumby when running, but a weight lifting Jedi! Or you just can’t seem to raise a barbell overhead, but can burpee like a bloody champion. So while you’re being badass at one movement, you can take all the time you need to improve in other areas. Your fitness is something that will automatically improve, especially if can attend at least 3-4 classes per week.

CrossFit is worth overcoming your fears to try. All of our CrossFit 4504 members battle fears and doubts every day. With the support of our coaches and the community behind them, they are learning that while there’s no such thing as perfection, celebrating what may seem a small success can make a big difference to the way you feel.

Every movement can be scaled to suit your needs no matter your fitness or co-ordination level, how much you weigh or how big your muscles are. You are guaranteed to receive encouragement and continued support from our experienced coaches in a community which is non-judgemental and full of truly amazing people. We encourage you to take that first, scary step. You’ll never know how it can change your life until you try. We’ll even give you the first 7 days for free! Come and see us at CrossFit 4504 and do something for YOU.


If you’d like to experience the CrossFit 4504 Difference register below for your FREE 7 Day Trial

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