What Do We Look Like?

What does a CrossFit athlete look like to you?

My guess is you currently have a picture in your mind of someone like this…

Tia-Clair Toomey (Photo: Sunshine Coast Daily)

Tia-Clair Toomey current Fittest Woman on Earth

Or maybe someone like this…

Rob Forte (Photo CrossFit Games)

Rob Forte, Multiple winner of Pacific Regional.

Obviously these are VERY fine examples of Elite CrossFit athletes and we are proud to have them represent our country.

But now ask yourself this. What does an everyday, grass-roots level CrossFit athlete look like? Well certainly they could still look like the athletes above…but honestly though? CrossFit athletes could look like anyone. And here at CrossFit 4504 – they are anyone!

Everyday people doing extraordinary things. Which is why we love our community so much. Sure, we have some buff-looking and super athletic bods roaming our box. But the not-so-buff, work-in-progress and less athletic looking peeps are here too….and let it be known that they are smashing it!

So what do you need to have to become a successful CrossFit athlete? What are we looking for in our CrossFit 4504 team? Check it out –


Determination. Resolve. Purpose.

Whatever description you wish to use…we want athletes who will train with Intent. With aspiration. We want you to set goals for yourself and never give up on smashing them! We don’t want your sole reason for training at CrossFit 4504 to be become all buff and K-Dub-like. If that happens as a side effect while you’re crushing your goals – then good on you. The CrossFit 4504 approach is NOT about your physical appearance, nor about society’s ideology of an ‘athlete’. We approach our training a whole lot more holistically and a whole lot less superficially. Our focus has always been on helping you feel better. Healthier. Stronger. Fitter. Empowered.  To build your confidence, learn new skills, make new friends. We don’t get hung up on body image. We know that as our athletes become fitter and stronger and closer to achieving their goals that they will gain confidence. They also realise that their bodies can do amazing things – no matter what shape they are.

If our athletes train with Intent, with the desire to achieve their goals – we are super happy. And so are they – winning!!


Be excited. Be fierce. Show passion and keenness. Be ferocious! This is what we look for when we talk about Intensity. To get the most from the programming at CrossFit 4504, we want our athletes to be amazing! This doesn’t mean ripping out rep after rep of Handstand push-ups the first time you’re upside-down on a wall. It means working hard to improve. Every time you come to class. For some, it could be striving hard to squat just a little deeper than they’ve previously gone. For others it could mean pushing yourself to run a little further this time before having to walk. It could be something like working on your mental approach towards lifting heavy, or maintaining stamina throughout each round of the WOD.

Be enthusiastic about your improvements. Let yourself experience the exultation. The relief! And share your satisfaction with us. With your community. Guaranteed we will share your excitement because we all know that feeling. When you finally achieve something you’ve spent sometimes over a year trying to master. Honestly, it’s the best feeling.

Be happy. Enthusiastic. Your classmates will feel your vibe. When our athletes show Intensity during a workout – (and please don’t confuse this with aggression towards others) – when they know they’ve done the very best they could with what they’ve got on the day – that’s where the satisfaction lies. And in the CrossFit 4504 community it’s happening on a daily basis. Sure, the fact that a few centimetres are lost around the waist is fantastic too. It means our members are working hard. Hard work pays off in more ways than one. Intensity will subconsciously change the way you look, purely by the way you carry your new, confident, badass self!


Doing the right thing even when no-one is watching.

Integrity is one the most important qualities we look for in our CrossFit 4504 members. Members who are honourable. Members who show the aforementioned Intent and Intensity without ego or disrespect to themselves or others. If you can’t be honest with yourself, you are ultimately hurting only one person. Yourself. Hold yourself accountable for your attitude towards others – towards yourself. Hold yourself accountable for your actions during class – counting reps, technique, movement standards. Don’t claim RX push-ups if your push-ups look like an 80’s rapper doing the “Worm”! Be excited that you gave it a crack – but tick the scaled box and try again next time to lift your standard. It will only assist in your training and achieving your goals. If Coach says you owe another 6 Box Jumps in a WOD? Get those damn things done without acting like a 2-year old! Whether your Coach can’t count or you can’t is irrelevant. Carry yourself with pride and honesty and you will always be a winner. It doesn’t matter where you finish in a WOD or if you scaled. Keep moving. Move with the same standards in round 5 as you were in round 1. Or at least try ‘cos it can get real shitty, real quickly!

How you carry yourself as member of the CrossFit 4504 community is infinitely more important than how you look or where you are on the Leaderboard. Sure, friendly competition between members is fun, motivating even. But it’s not a major focus of our box. Integrity is.

That’s why we’re so proud of our current member group at CrossFit 4504. Our experienced members display an inspiring amount of Integrity, which is noticed by our tentative newbies. For our newest members to walk in and be encouraged, congratulated and cheered with SINCERITY by our experienced crew is amazingly uplifting. This is the CrossFit 4504 difference. It’s why we’re such a close-knit family. The best kind of community to be involved in.

So our CrossFit 4504 athletes look like this –


And this –

And this –

But more importantly, they look like this –

It’s not the way our athletes look which is important to us. It’s the way they carry themselves. With Intent. With Intensity. With Integrity. To make our CrossFit community the very best it can be. If you want to ‘look’ like this –

Then come and visit us today!

If you’d like to experience the CrossFit 4504 Difference register below for your FREE 7 Day Trial

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